First Bell Student Take Over Episode

Summary: Watch the May 17 "First Bell" students take over edition!

Students are taking over “First Bell” 

Get ready! Students are taking over our news broadcast, “First Bell,” on May 17. 

The episode will feature students as anchors and field reporters bringing you stories from schools around the district.  

May 17 Edition

Translated versions of the show are available. 

Additional Ways to Watch

Within the city limits of Seattle, you will receive Seattle Public Schools programming on the following channels: 

  • Comcast 319 (HD) 
  • Comcast and Wave 26 (SD) 
  • Century Link 8008 (SD)  
  • HD on channel 8508. 

We post the episodes on our Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Join the Show!

We encourage students to be a part of the show. Those with an interest in being on camera or working behind the scenes. Please complete our 1st Bell interest form.

Send news tips, or if you know a someone who deserves to be in the spotlight, let us know at  

About First Bell

Seattle Public Schools launched a districtwide news broadcast called First Bell in January 2023. The addition of the broadcast means School Beat, the district newsletter, will shift to a once-a-month release.  Read our most recent School Beat Newsletter.

First Bell will feature stories from around SPS highlighting the work of students and staff and providing families with important information they need to know. Families will be able to watch our stories whenever and wherever they want – in about five minutes or less. 

The addition of the news broadcast means School Beat, the SPS newsletter, will shift to a once-a-month release. It will be emailed to families on the first Wednesday of each month. Episodes of First Bell will be published every third Wednesday unless there is a school break. 

We are excited to bring this new way to connect families to what’s happening in our schools. 

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