Volunteer Impact

In alignment with the district’s strategic plan “Seattle Excellence”, SPS volunteer initiatives support students who are furthest away from educational justice. Volunteers directly support two areas of focus under the Instruction and Learning plan:

  • Students read at grade level by the end of third grade
  • Students feel welcome and safe in school

Targeted volunteer opportunities

Olympic Hills Elementary engaged more remote volunteer tutors during the 2020/21 school year than in previous years when all learning took place in physical classrooms. Staff at this Seattle Excellence school created targeted volunteer opportunities that help advance the school’s continuous improvement plan (CSIP). Volunteer Program Liaison Danielle Vaillancourt matches volunteers with students to ensure their volunteer service advances the school’s strategic goals:

Goal # 1: Improve 3rd grade reading levels for Black boys and Spanish-speaking English Learners.

Volunteers are integrated into classrooms based on their reading support experience and provide 1-1 interventions for students. Danielle Vaillancourt explains:

“The presence of a volunteer in and of itself is a big support to our staff and students. Allowing students more time in 1-1 sessions to process what they are learning, reading, and experiencing builds confidence in self, in the subject matter, and fosters a trend for learning. Volunteers invest time in our students working through difficult text, pronunciations, and explaining material in a way students can understand. This time creates a bond both for the student and volunteer, and the student with the school. When students of color feel seen, heard, and supported then their ability to focus on content is greater. Reading volunteers do more than support students in their reading, they help to build positive, strong, and formidable humans!”

Goal # 2: Improve attendance among 3rd grade Black boys and Spanish-speaking English Learners. Volunteers help create a warm and welcoming environment by participating in “check and connects” with students.

“Volunteers are more than tutors, interventionists, classroom support, and extra set of hands. Volunteers contribute to the overall environment and culture of a school and they help broaden and diversify community connections our students experience. When volunteers build rapport with our students, students begin to look forward to school because there are multiple caring individuals waiting to see them, listen to them, and help them succeed. Having an interest in learning, hearing that you are missed when you are absent, and genuinely enjoying school all encourage student attendance.”

Volunteers advancing “Seattle Excellence”

Here are powerful examples of how family and community volunteers take action to support SPS students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Family Tech Support volunteer

Family Tech Support Volunteers 

Early in the pandemic as online learning began, SPS rapidly created the Family Tech Support Center to support students furthest from educational justice. In partnership with sea.citi and with the financial support from the Alliance for Education, we mobilized 140 volunteers, including SPS families, community supporters, and tech industry who collectively fielded over 2,500 calls and devoted more than 1,000 hours to getting students connected to tech. In just eight weeks, 750 SPS families received volunteer tech support for their in-home devices.

SPS Family Tech Support Center volunteer Shiva Thudi was among a core group of remote volunteers early in the pandemic helping get SPS students connected to online classrooms.

Volunteers in front of the car

Kristina Bernhardt, Family Volunteer

Kristina, pictured here with her children and Olympic View staff member Claudio, has been delivering school meals every day since October to food-insecure families living in a shelter for Deaf and hard of hearing survivors of abuse. Kristina is a super volunteer – she has been an active member of the PTA for seven years, including as the PTA Board President, and is currently serving on the Olympic View’s Racial Equity Team. As a registered nurse, she also volunteers at the Lumen Field as a vaccinator.

Volunteer photographed with her dog

Briana Del Rosario, College Volunteer

The University of Washington’s Riverways Education Partnerships recruit samazing volunteers to support our Title I schools. This year, Briana Del Rosario is receiving the “Hustling Husky Award” from  Olympic Hills Elementary School staff. She began tutoring with SPS in October 2020 because she desired to help teachers during online schooling. She volunteers remotely in Mrs. Baumgarten‘s classroom who shared the following: “Briana’s warmth, calm charisma, engaging connectedness, and ways of deepening student knowledge have made our class a better place. Culturally and interpersonally, my Spanish-speaking students and students of color identify with Briana and deeply admire her as a scientist and general role model.  She has created a sense of safety and curiosity and introduced them to new ideas and ways of thinking. After spending time with our students, Briana decided she wanted to become an SPS teacher and got accepted to the Seattle Teacher Residency program!” Briana is committed to teaching through a social justice lens to actualize educational equity. 

Danielle Pulliam, Community Volunteer

Olympic Hills volunteer

Danielle volunteered her time and experience as a  former educatorand also enthusiastically agreeing to take on additional projects tohelp students get whatever they need to feel loved and supported.Danielle is very patient, reliable, and knowledgeable in leading readinggroups for students. She is also very kind and warm-hearted. Sheinstills comfort in students harnessing positive relationships,confidence in asking questions, and excitement for class. Her supporthas provided more 1-1 and small group services to students, ensures morefamilies have access to supplies and food, and has helped to bridge theequity gap in remote learning.

This is what Danielle shares about her experience: “I was spurred tovolunteer because I can’t imagine teaching during this unusual time andwanted to support the incredible work our teachers are doing to promoteeducational justice during a pandemic. The most challenging barrier wasironing out the technology kinks for remote volunteering, once thosewere smoothed out, the students were reading, sharing ideas, andpersevering.  This experience has enriched my life and I would encourageother community members to volunteer during the pandemic for the senseof purpose.

The Kindergarten and 1st grade students I read with are clever and insightful making my experience as a volunteer very rewarding.  The Olympic Hills teachers and staff are supportive and patient which makes remote volunteering easy.”

Seattle World School students

Matt Jamin, Retired Community Volunteer

In 2017, Matt Jamin and his long-time volunteer colleagues at  Seattle World School started a fund to fill gaps PTSAs in other schools focus on – field trips, technology and extracurriculars. The COVID pandemic hit immigrant and refugee communities especially hard, so  the Seattle World School Fund tripled its fundraising efforts to directly assist families with rent and groceries. Despite these additional efforts, Matt continued to volunteer remotely in the math classroom throughout the school year supporting middle and high school students from all over the world as they settle in their new country. 

Anela Deisler, Parent Volunteer

Volunteer posting for a photo wearing a mask

Anela is a parent of a first grader at Olympic Hills, is involved in the PTA, and supports staff, families, and students in our school community at every opportunity she gets. Anela centers the well-being of children in everything she does – she has a humble, kind, and caring way about her and a can-do spirit. She has worked on the Social Justice Curriculum Committee this year helping develop and support anti-racist, social justice curriculum for the entire student body. As a certificated teacher herself, she contributes her skill, expertise, and energy to this work. It means so much to have a parent from the community be a partner and advocate for this work, and it truly makes a difference in the lives and development of our students. Anela also helps with the distribution of supplies for all our students. She works together with others to create bags of school supplies for all our families to pick up once a month. This action supports every single child in our school, and helps them feel cared for and connected, and helps with the activities they will be doing in online class every day. When asking Anela for support you are always received with a positive, pro-active, organized energy!

Elementary school teacher Nancy Smith shared the following aboutAnela: “She has a global outlook for facilitating collaboration andconnection across the school. The work Anela does uplifts children,families, and staff, and always makes a positive contribution to ourcommunity.”