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Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities to better support students

Thank you for your interest in learning how to support SPS students and schools more effectively! Below is information about future and currently available learning opportunities for SPS volunteers.

Equity Summit for Volunteers

Title slide for the Seattle Tutoring Coalition Equity Summit

Deepen your understanding of the concept of equity and explore ways of building healthier and more equitable relationships with youth! We invite you to watch this recording of a live virtual summit on YouTube.

Cultural Competency and Antiracist Practices

Duration: One hour, strongly encouraged for all volunteers supporting SPS students directly

Seattle Tutoring Coalition Presents a Foundational Workshop on Cultural Competency and Antiracist Practices – Creating Healthy Relationships with Youth: Do No Harm

Build your skills as an anti-racist tutor! This self-paced training covers identity, culture, relationship building and power-sharing. Contact us to request the pre- and post worksheets.

LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Duration: 10 minutes, strongly encouraged for all volunteers

Research shows the positive impact of LGBTQIA+ inclusive schools on the achievement of students, particularly LGBTQIA+ students of color furthest from educational justice, as well as the benefits to their non-LGBTQIA+ classmates. The following video offers strategies and helps volunteers build skills for supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Plus (LGBTQIA+) students and affirm the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and community in Seattle Public Schools.

Learn more LGBTQ+ programs, curriculum and support at SPS.

Diversity & Equity Event and School Calendar

Cultures Connecting staff update and host two wonderful resources we recommend.

  • They compile upcoming diversity & equity workshops, conferences, and events in the Pacific Northwest so you can easily review and sign up for your chosen learning opportunities. Visit and bookmark their calendar.
  • Cultures Connecting also annually update the “Diversity Calendar.” Originally a project of Seattle Public Schools, this unique calendar was created to increase awareness and understanding of the diverse cultures represented among PreK-12 students, staff, and families. “Diversity Calendar” features cultural holidays and dates from July 2023 to August 2024 and can be downloaded here (as a pdf document).

Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention 

Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention course for volunteers

All SPS volunteers are required to complete the online Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention training prior to beginning their volunteer service. Need a refresher? Complete our online Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention training today.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse 

Six pages of resources on preventing sexual abuse of children

The University of Washington Harborview Abuse & Trauma Center created a series of resources for families titled “A Safer Family, A Safer World” in English, Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, Somali, Tigrigna, Arabic, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Oromo. We highly recommend it for all volunteers working with students under 12.

Resources for Tutors

Our partnering organization the Seattle Tutoring Coalition provides excellent, free All-City Tutor Trainings and access to materials from past sessions on their website.