Coordinated School Health

Department of Coordinated School Health

Department of Coordinated School Health supports school efforts in creating school culture and climate that communicates ALL students belong and can be successful. In addition, programs within the department provide supports and services that address barriers and challenges faced by students and families.

Department Mission

CSH staff is dedicated in its support of district staff in fostering relationships, providing positive supportive learning environments, and holding high expectations with appropriate supports to increase student instructional time and access to high quality instruction.

Programs within Coordinated School Health

Whole Child Whole Day Initiative

The initial phase of Whole Child Whole Day (WCWD) aimed to provide staff at seven Seattle public schools with the appropriate training to create a sense of belonging, safe environments, and adequate supports to keep all of our students in school to increase instructional time and drive outcomes in academic achievement has been completed. Through WCWD, we field tested a tiered system of support to eliminate opportunity gaps for all students with an intentional focus on improving school climate for African-American males and other students of color. The project focuses on how the integration of school-wide behavioral health and academic mindset within a culturally responsive learning partnership positively impacts learning outcomes for students of color within marginalized communities.

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