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Northgate (now Baldwin)

Frequently Asked Questions

Northgate Elementary School Replacement Project

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Northgate Elementary School replacement project. We will continue to add questions and answers throughout the project.

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Who planned the new school building?

Seattle Public Schools hired NAC Architecture to design the new school building. A School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) has been providing input into the design. The SDAT is comprised of school administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community members as well as district staff and the architect team.

When will the new school building open?

The new school opens Fall 2023.

Where will students go to school during construction?

Northgate Elementary will remain in the current school building. The new school will be built on the current field area. After the school moves to the new building in Summer 2023, the old building will be torn down. A new field and play area will be constructed in that location.

Will all current Northgate students move into the new building?

That is currently the plan, however, some students will finish elementary school before the new building is open.

Will there be more students when the school opens?

We anticipate that the school will open with the current number of students or more. The number of students in north Seattle continues to increase, and the new school building will have room for enrollment growth. In addition, a number of students who live within the attendance area are attending schools outside of Seattle Public Schools. Some of those students may opt to attend the new James Baldwin Elementary School. 

How many students will fit in the new school?

The school is being built to hold up to 650 students.

How big is the new school?

The proposed 2-story replacement school building will be approximately 95,000 square feet. This is the district’s standard size for new elementary schools.

Will the neighborhood be able to use the playground and recreational spaces?

Yes, during non-school hours.

What will happen to the existing mature maple trees at the north end of the site?

The majority of these trees will be protected during construction and preserved as a key element of the landscape around the new building.