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Northgate Elementary School Replacement Project

The existing school building is being replaced with a new school building on the same site. Northgate Elementary School will remain onsite during construction. Once the new building is complete, the school will move to the new building. The old building will be demolished, and a new field and play areas will be constructed.

Upon opening, the school will be renamed James Baldwin Elementary, a name chosen by the school staff and families.


graphic showing project phases; with we are here in construction box see timeline below
  • Pre-design phase complete
  • Schematic design phase complete
  • Design development phase complete
  • Construction documents/permitting
  • Bid and award phase complete
  • Construction in progress
  • School opens Fall 2023
  • Phase II begins Fall 2023 — demolition of old building and playfield/playground development

Learn what happens in the design and construction phases

Recent Progress

Progress updates are posted for the previous month the week after the monthly BEX and BTA Capital Levies Oversight Committee meetings. These meetings typically take place on the first Friday of each month.

Major Activity in April 2022

Exterior and interior wall framing continued on all levels. The roof is underway. Concrete was poured in some areas of the lower commons. Exterior drywall has started, and the rough ins for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) continued.

Major Activity Planned for May 2022

The work from April continues into May. HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment is scheduled to arrive.

Live Webcam and Project Photos

See a live view of the construction site with the web camera!

aerial view with a building that has metal roofing on top of steel structure and another building that is just steel structure
Aerial view of metal roofing looking northeast – Mar. 2022
aerial view of a construction site with a crane and a large building in the the upper left corner
Aerial view looking southwest with existing school to the south (top left) – Mar. 2022
concrete being pumped into a steel framed building under construction
Concrete pour at southeast corner of the project – Mar. 2022
workers in a steel structure with a metal roof are working on concrete that is being poured
Concrete pour on metal deck for level 2 on the northwest corner – Mar. 2022
aerial view of a building under constructon with steel framing and a large building in the background
Aerial view looking southeast toward the existing school building – Feb. 2022
aerial view of a construciton site with a crane and steel framing
Aerial view looking northwest with existing school in lower left – Feb. 2022
a steel framed building with joists installed at one end and a metal grid on the floor
Steel joist installation started at northwest corner to prep for roofing – Feb. 2022
the first floor of a building under construction with workers putting down white material on the ground
Installing waterproofing elements for the level 1 slab-on-grade – Feb. 2022
aerial view of a large building being constructed
Structural steel and decking are shown looking southwest toward existing school – Jan. 2022
structural steel being erected on a large construction project
Structural steel being erected in northwest corner of new school – Jan. 2022
structural steel frame for large building with dirt, materials, and equipment in front
New building entry structural steel – Jan. 2022
looking under a corrugated metal floor with stairs going up on the right hand side
Steel stairs and metal decking for level 2, northwest corner – Jan. 2022
gravel ground under a steel frame with metal showing between the beams-metal straps hang down
Duct hangers installed in northwest corner – Feb. 2022
an I-beam painted white with signatures
Northgate Elementary School students signed one of the beams for the new school – Dec. 2021
a crane lifts structural steel into place
Structural steel erection at northwest corner of project
a crane lifts structural steel into place
Structural steel erection underway – Dec. 2021
a crane lifts structural steel into place
Structural steel on northwest side of new school building – Dec. 2021
aerial view of a construction site with part of a concrete wall for a new building
View of commons under construction – Dec. 2021
aerial view of a construction site next to a large exsting building with houses nearby
Aerial view looking east – Dec. 2021
aerial view of a construction site with steel framing on right side and an existing building on left side
Aerial view looking southwest – Dec. 2021
a construction project with a concrete wall across the back and concrete forms and gravel
Concrete stem wall and footings at commons area – Nov. 2021
a construction site with short concrete walls filled with gravel
Concrete stem walls, looking SE – Nov. 2021
Aerial view of a construction site with a large building to the left
Aerial view looking west – Nov. 2021
aerial view of a construction site
Aerial view looking southeast – Nov 2021
a dirt field with pipes sticking up
Backfill on northeast part of building site
wood forms for concrete stand inside of a trench
Forming concrete footings – Oct. 2021
a construction site with walls covered in black and clear plastic tents held up by wood
Waterproofing installation and backfilling – Oct. 2021
a dirt field with white boxes and orange cones
Waterproofing being installed for footings – Oct. 2021
concrete pads with pipes sticking out and a construction vehicle
Footings for the west wing – Sept. 2021
a concrete wall
Concrete stem wall for commons – Sept. 2021
forms for concrete with plastic over them
East concrete stem wall of commons – Sept. 2021
aerial photograph of existing school
Aerial view of existing school before construction
a site plan drawing
Site plan of replacement school
a large trenching machine digging a trench
Rerouting existing storm drain down 1st Avenue N – Aug 2021
a trench down the side of a concrete road
Trench on 1st Ave N for storm drain move – Aug 2021

About the Project

The new two-story elementary school building will provide the spaces and resources that students need for academic success. The approximately 95,000 square foot school will meet the district’s elementary educational specifications and provide space for up to 650 students. A collaborative process resulted in a building designed to fit into the neighborhood. It will provide outdoor learning, play, and recreation areas.

The new school has been designed to provide an equitable, safe, and inspiring learning environment for the entire school community. Learning clusters will have classrooms surrounding learning commons.

Sustainable Design and Construction

In keeping with SPS’s clean energy goals, operation of the new school will not require any fossil fuels. In addition, the roof is designed to accommodate solar panels, which could offset 80% of the building’s energy use in the future.

Features to reduce energy use:

  • Geothermal heating
  • Highly efficient ventilation that recovers heat before air leaves the school
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Highly insulated walls and roofs
  • High performance fiberglass windows

Other sustainable design strategies:

  • Storm water management with rain gardens
  • Native and drought-resistant plantings
  • Shielded site lighting to reduce light pollution
  • Demolition and construction debris sorted and recycled

Projected Energy Use Index (EUI): 17.3

View an animated video tour of the new school building from NAC Architecture.

Northgate Virtual Design Tour

Design Firm: NAC Architecture

General Contractor/Construction Management: Lydig Construction

Project Budget: $90.3M

Funding Source: Funded by the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy, approved by Seattle voters in 2019.

School Design Advisory Team: Learn about the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) process  and read meeting minutes.

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