CPP at North Queen Anne

Cascade Parent Partnership at North Queen Anne School

Upgrade existing school building to better meet the needs of Cascade Parent Partnership.

Cascade Parent Partnership has reloacted to the interim site at John Marshall School, 520 NE Ravenna Blvd.

construction phase graphic showing that the school is in the Construction phase
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Construction start: Fall 2021

Expected completion: Summer 2023

School reopens: September 2023

Recent Progress

Read a story about the chalkboard uncovered during demolition with signatures from 1938

February 2023

Structural shear wall work is complete. Interior wood framing continues with wallboard activities beginning in at the west end of the building. Sprinklers have been roughed in. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) rough-in is complete. Play structure installation on the playground has begun.

Project Progress Photos

a site plan drawing
Site plan showing existing structures
a hallway with doors opening off of it
Before-interior corridor facing east from main entrance
a hallway with doors. the floor is covered with protective material and the ceiling has been removed so you can see wires and beams
Interior corridor facing east from main entrance – demolition in progress – Feb. 2022
a corridor with a bulletin board on the wall and doors
Before: East corridor looking north
a corridor with skylights and walls stripped to the studs
East corridor looking north with demolition in progress – Feb. 2022
a large cast iron boiler with pipes coming out of it
Before: Boiler room prior to construction
a large room with demolition in progress
Boiler room demolition in progress – Feb. 2022
a steel panel says Seattle School Dist. No. 1 1913
Steel panel removed from original boiler dated 1913. Now a part of SPS archives.
a black board has chalked names on it
Chalkboard uncovered during demolition, signed by school students and staff in January 1938 – Unfortunately, it is a material painted onto wall board and cannot be removed and preserved – Feb. 2022
close up of the date Jan. 31, 1938
Close view of part of the 1938 signatures on the chalkboard – Feb. 2022
workers stand in front of a brick building that has holes for windows and a door, but they are filled with plywood
Exterior view of new door to outside on the east wall of the classroom area – Mar. 2022
a concrete wall has a space for a window with plywood instead of glass
Preparation for new window for the office, near the main entry – Mar. 2022
inside a large room that has large openings to other spaces
Inside the commons looking north – Mar. 2022
a large open space has windows that are closed off with wood and a pile of soile next to a trench
North side of main entry corridor looking north toward the new office – Mar. 2022
a double doorway with open doors has wood framed windows around it
Looking into the main entry corridor from the main entrance, looking east into the building – Mar. 2022
a driveway between chain link fences with a boarded up brick building
Entrance to the school site – April 2022
inside of a building under construction with wheelbarrows
The plywood is covering the space for the new window in the new office – April 2022
workers standing in a large open area in a building under construction
Looking east from the new office space toward what will be the library – April 2022
a concrete block room with a concret floor and a ladder
Demolition in the former boiler room is nearly complete – April 2022
A brick chimney that has had about 2/3 of the brick removed
Demolition of the chimney is nearly complete – April 2022
a concrete ceiling with a crack in it
Unexpected cracks need to be repaired, May 2022
a room under construction with a blackboard below bricks, there is an x on one wall
Proposed cleanout location marked with X, May 2022
a steel beam in a room under construction
Structural steel has been delivered and is being moved in, May 2022
a roof with a square area framed and covered with plastic
Chimney demolition complete, May 2022
a concrete area in front of a brick building with boarded up windows
Work has begun on play area improvements – June 2022
a person stands in a room under construction with metal posts
Temporary supports being used during structural steel installation – June 2022
a brick and black wall with rebar i n front
Rebar installed in front of the historic chalkboard – June 2022
wood framing instid of an existing building
Interior wall construction in progress – June 2022
a concrete wall with a scaffold in front of it
Concrete installed over the historic chalkboard; smooth area to be removed to show chalk signatures – Aug. 2022
a large room under construction with plywood over the window openings
Main office structural steel installed – Aug. 2022
a close view of a brick section of wall with plywood window next to it
Brick masonry was repaired prior to window installation – Aug. 2022
a concrete wall with a space for window
Shotcrete wall surrounding new window in main office – Aug. 2022
a concrete wall in a building under construction
Concrete installed over historic chalkboard, with area marked for cutout showing signatures from 1938 – Sept. 2022
an open roof hatch on a flat roof
New roof hatch installed – Sept. 2022
a mechancial fixture on a flat roof
New roof top unit for mechanical system – Sept. 2022
an indoor space under construction with steel posts and a steel beam
Adding additional steel supports in library space – Oct. 2022
a ceiling with no tiles and a steel i-beam perpendicular to two existing beams
Installing structural steel and steel tie rods in main office space – Oct. 2022
an interior of a building under construction with wood framing and a structural steel beam
Interior framing in progress for the administration office – Nov. 2022
a wood framed interior wall with insulation between the uprights
Installing insulation – Nov. 2022
wood framing in an old building with new metal beams
Installing wood framing at the main office and administrative area – Dec. 2022
wood framing between concrete walls has pipes attached
Installing plumbing – Dec. 2022
metal ductwork in the ceiling next to large pipes
Installing plumbing, ductwork, and sprinklers in ceiling – Dec. 2022
the corner of a brick building with a flat roof. a truck sits in front
Window installation complete – Jan. 2023
a yellow painted brick building with a rust colored cornice has windows
New windows on the south wall – Jan. 2023
an L shaped brick building with windows
Northwest corner windows complete – Jan. 2023
a room with construction going on - the walls do not have wall board and a frame for a counter is in front
Reception counter and window frame underway in new administrative office – Jan. 2023
a wood framed wall and ceiling has pink insulation behind clear plastic
Insulation installation continues – Jan. 2023
a room unfinished has windows in wood framed walls
Windows installed in west wall – Jan. 2023
wood framing is open to the room with wallboard on the back side of it. piping, ducts, and electrical conduit can be seen in the walls
Rough in of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinklers in the kitchen – Feb. 2023
a large room under construction with wallboard installed on one side, windows on the other. and a concrete floor
View of the library looking west toward the checkout desk location – Feb. 2023
a concrete pad has part of a play structure installed. trees are in the background
Play structure installation underway – Feb. 2023

About the Project

The North Queen Anne School building is undergoing upgrades to better meet the needs of Cascade Parent Partnership.

Work includes seismic upgrades for earthquake safety, expansion of the fire sprinklers and fire alarm system to connect the whole building, heating and ventilation system replacement, and electrical system upgrades. Interior floors, ceilings, and casework will be replaced.

Existing program spaces will be reconfigured and upgraded. Exterior doors will be added to the arts classroom and science classroom to provide access to outdoor areas for classroom projects. This the school administration area will be moved next to the main entrance. A new window will provide visibility to the entrance and parking lot. The commons/lunchroom space will have moveable glass walls that can open to the corridor — providing both natural light and the ability to enlarge the space for school gatherings.

Project Design: Studio Meng Strazzara

Contractor: Optimus Construction

Project Budget: $8.14 million

Funding sources: Funded by the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy, approved by Seattle voters in 2019, and the Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy, approved by voters in 2016.

Project Manager: Mark Emelko,, 206-252-0670


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