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SPS Advanced Learner and Highly Capable Services

At SPS, we are focused on honoring and supporting the brilliance of every student.

Advanced Learning Opportunities in Seattle Public Schools

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Advanced Learner (AL) Services for students with AL eligibility are provided in neighborhood schools.

Highly Capable (HC) Services are not going away, they are getting better! To address historical inequity, SPS has changed how we identify Advanced Learners and Highly Capable students. Services for students with HC eligibility are provided in neighborhood schools and regional HC Pathway Schools.

Identification & Eligibility

At SPS we are committed to honor each student’s strengths while implementing a holistic evaluation of the existing and available data and information.

New to Seattle? Transfer Student Eligibility Process

New-to-Seattle students/families have options regarding transferring into Seattle Public Schools and accessing Advanced Learner services.

Highly Capable/Racial Equity Services Advisory (HC/RESA)

The goal of the Highly Capable/Racial Equity Services Advisory (HC/RESA) is to advise Seattle Public Schools (SPS) on ways to ensure all SPS students have equitable access to advanced learning services.

Learn more about the HC/RESA

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Advanced Learning department staff
SPS Advanced Learning staff

About the Advanced Learning Department

The Advanced Learning department works collaboratively with school and district leaders, teachers, students, and families to provide the tools, guidance, supports, and services needed to ensure access and success for every student especially those furthest from educational justice and those in need of Advanced Learning services.

Advanced Learning services provide students the support they need to grow their strengths and work at more complex levels. This includes more challenge within classes, assignments, and activities to help push learning further. Advanced Learning services include services for students found eligible for Highly Capable and Advanced Learners.