Seattle Public Schools

Identification and Eligibility


2023-24 Advanced Learning Appeal Process

By February 6, 2024:

  • All SPS families will have access to their student’s Universal Screening results in the Source.
  • If a student is found eligible, their family will receive an email from the Advanced Learning department.

A parent/guardian may file an appeal if their student is found to be ineligible for Advanced Learning and/or Highly Capable services. A formal appeal should be submitted in writing within 10 school days of receiving the Advanced Learning notice of eligibility.

How to Appeal

There are two types of appeals, conditional and identification. For both appeal types, an explanation and evidence/proof needs to be submitted along with the appeal form (available Feb. 3-20). There must be proof that there was either exceptional circumstances or missing objective or subjective criteria(s) during the Universal Screening process. Learn more about appeal types and see example appeals.

Parents/guardians must select one of the two options for their appeal. If the appeal does not fall into these two categories, the appeal will not be considered. Appeals based on a belief that the included assessment scores do not adequately show a need for AL services or student growth are not a valid appeal.

Steps to submit an appeal:

  1. Gather all documentation and proof.
  2. Submit one Appeal form per student (links below)
  3. Immediately after submitting the Appeal form, send all documentation and proof to
    • In the subject line, please add “Appeal” for easy processing.
    • Please submit all documentation/proof in one email

The Advanced Learning department will not accept additional information, documents, or appeals after February 20.

Appeal Forms

The 2023-24 Advanced Learning appeal window is closed.

What happens when a family submits an appeal?

The Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) will review each appeal form and record, deliberate, and provide a written decision to the parent/guardians within 25 school days of the receipt of the appeal form and all documentation and proof. The MSC will review one appeal per student, per year. The MSC’s decision is final.

Who is part of the MSC Appeal Committee?

Trained educators and other professional staff including: 

  • Special teacher (as defined in WAC 392-170-038) who has training, experience, advanced skills, and knowledge in the education of Highly Capable. 
  • Psychologist or other qualified practitioner with the training to interpret achievement test results. 
  • A certificated coordinator/administrator with responsibility for the supervision of the district’s program for Highly Capable students; and  
  • Additional professionals, if any, that the Advanced Learning department deems desirable.

Appeal Types and Examples

Conditional Appeal

A condition or circumstance is believed to have caused inaccurate or unavailable objective and/or subjective criteria during the Universal Screening

  • Example 1: My child was sick for the entire window of Map assessment and this was verified by a doctor’s note and Principal letter.
  • Example 2: My child reported that another student took his iPad during the assessment.  This was reported immediately to the teacher, who along with the principal verified the situation.
  • Example 3: The DPT or MAP assessment was not completed for my child, and I did not OPT OUT.

Identification Appeal

There was a mistake in the data used by the AL MSC for identification which caused the student to be ineligible for services.

  • Example: The teaching staff verify that the assessment data was incorrectly uploaded into the system

Where is the appeal form?

The appeal form will be available February 3-20 and can be found in the following places:

  • This webpage!
  • In the notice of eligibility letter sent to families
  • The Source
  • Upon request, the appeal form can be emailed to families. Contact or 206-252-0130.
  • Hard copies will be available at John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence, 2445 3rd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98134