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School Meal Changes

Summary: Please check with your school for lunch menu choices.

National Shortages Require Adjustments to School Meals

Cafeterias across the nation are facing unprecedented supply chain issues. These pandemic-related challenges are caused by demand outpacing supply.

While Culinary Services is working to provide students healthy, culturally diverse meals that incorporate scratch cooking, it is requiring creativity, innovation, and patience to acquire food and supplies. This means making menu adjustments in the form of substitutions and fewer choices.

Chef Emme Ribeiro Collins said the department is facing this challenge head-on while trying to maintain their standard of food quality, providing culturally diverse options, elevating cold entrees, and incorporating more scratch options.

School Meal Menus

While students still will be offered three meal options (one hot and two cold) daily, Culinary Services is unable to notify sites which hot options are available until the day of service. The district school breakfast and lunch menu document will be removed during this time. To check menu choices, contact your school.

If supply chain issues persist, the department may have to move forward with serving only cold meal options. This would include salads, sandwiches, and lunch packs.

To learn more about the pandemic supply chain snarls, watch this video.

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