Special Education Extended Resource Service Pathway

Summary: Access and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) will combine to become Extended Resource Service Pathway.

New Service Pathway for the 2023-24 School Year

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is committed to serving all students by following their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The district aims to serve all students with disabilities first as general education students. SPS is working to make sure students have access to more inclusive programs and support.  

Next school year, SPS is making a change to two special education service pathways. Access and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) will combine to become Extended Resource Service Pathway.  

What does this look like for students?  

  • Students receiving Extended Resource pathway supports will continue to receive services as outlined in their existing IEPs. 
  • The IEP team will collaborate to ensure students have access to their Least Restrictive Environment to the maximum extent appropriate. This can include more time in the general education setting. 
  • Students will receive specially designed instruction.  
  • Instruction will support student’s social/emotional skills and social understanding. 
  • The new service pathway will serve students with moderate to intensive academic and functional needs. 
  • Students may also benefit from specialized instruction part of the day (small group settings and intervention). 
  • The IEP team will work together to make changes as needed. 

Why is SPS merging pathways?  

  • To reduce barriers to inclusive learning environments. It is our goal to ensure all students feel safe, welcomed, and included. 
  • To increase opportunities for students to attend their neighborhood school where the pathway is available. 

Can my student stay at their current school? 

Students with Extended Resource as their main service pathway for the 2023-24 school year can stay at their current school.  

If you are interested in enrolling your student into their neighborhood school with an Extended Resource pathway, they must take part in Open Enrollment for School Choice. Open Enrollment begins Wednesday, Feb. 1.  

Visit the Special Education webpage for a full list of schools that will have the new service pathway.  

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