Seattle Public Schools

Honoring 2022 Retirees

Summary: Seattle Public Schools thanks those who are retiring for all you have given in support of schools.

Honoring 2021-22 Retirees: Thank you for your service!

Seattle Public Schools thanks those who are retiring for all you have given in support of schools.

What an honor to celebrate the more than 3,730 collective years of service from these amazing educators, school leaders, and staff.

1-10 years of service

  • Annette Boulmetis, Manager Audit Response
  • Kathleen Brose, Admin Secretary, John Hay Elementary
  • Joseph Carchedi, Teacher, Sanislo Elementary
  • Donald Estes, Nurse
  • Rudolfo Garza, Painter
  • Lizabeth Haven, Teacher, View Ridge Elementary
  • Mary Heffernan, Nurse
  • Pamela Kirchhoff, Curriculum, Assessment and Instructions, Professional Development Specialist
  • Mary McGuire, Teacher, Hazel Wolf K-8
  • Jennifer Osborne, Nurse
  • Sharon Peaslee, Teacher, Ingraham High School
  • Thomas Pouliot, Preschool Instructional Assistant, Thornton Creek Elementary
  • Daniel Santiago, License Assistant Custodial, John Stanford International Elementary
  • Sachiko Smith, Teacher, Ballard High School
  • Glenn Thompson, Carpenter
  • Patricia Tilden, Nurse
  • Jacqueline Whitson, Teacher, Green Lake Elementary
  • Dana Williams, Attendance Specialist, Ingraham High School

11-20 Years of Service

  • Kristine Adams, Teacher, McGilvra Elementary
  • Mark Amsden, Special Education, Arbor Heights Elementary
  • Carrie Bader, Librarian, Daniel Bagley Elementary
  • Larry Beaver, Roofer
  • Betty Brennan, Librarian, Ingraham High School
  • Nancy Cromer, Attendance Specialist, West Seattle High School
  • Diane Farber, Special Education, North Beach Elementary
  • Robert Fletcher, Senior Gardener
  • Abdi Geireh, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Aki Kurose Middle School
  • Mark Greenway, Teacher, Nathan Hale High School
  • John Gwinn, License Assistant Custodial, Genesee Hill Elementary
  • James Hamerlinck, Special Education Assistant, Salmon Bay K-8
  • Donna Hansen, Clerical Substitute
  • Erma Hill, ASB Fund Analyst
  • Jeanette Imanishi, Senior Project Manager Capital Projects
  • Stanley Jaskot, Principal, B. F. Day Elementary
  • Anna Johnson, Admin Secretary, Cascade Parent Partnership
  • Gerrie Kawabata, Teacher, Kimball Elementary
  • Kimberly Kierstead, Teacher, Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Christopher King, Teacher, Whitman Middle School
  • Irma Leahy, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Olympic View Elementary
  • Thomas Ledcke, Teacher, Roosevelt High School
  • Darrell Lee, Counselor, Franklin High School
  • Todd Lommers, Teacher, Greenwood Elementary
  • John Lynch, Psychologist
  • Diane McClain, Attendance Specialist, Denny International Middle School
  • Kayomi McDonald, Teacher, Hamilton International Middle School
  • Christine McPoland, Special Education Assistant, Hamilton International Middle School
  • Craig Parsley, Teacher, Louisa Boren STEM K-8
  • Nancy Petersen, Director of Technology Infrastructure
  • Laura Pierce, Special Education Assistant, Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Barbara Quay, Clerical Substitute
  • Lana Salisbury, Teacher, Franklin High School
  • Laura Seasholes, Teacher, View Ridge Elementary
  • Jeffrey Treistman, Librarian, Denny International Middle School
  • Thomas Tschimperle, Senior General Foreperson Maintenance Services
  • Luan Vu, Teacher, Lowell Elementary
  • Karen Warner, Teacher, Sacajawea Elementary
  • Jay Weaver, Teacher, West Seattle Elementary
  • MaryMargaret Welch, Science Program Manager
  • Susan Wilson, Teacher, Arbor Heights Elementary
  • Marcia Wilson, Special Education Assistant, Ingraham High School

21-30 Years of Service

  • Filomena Accettola, Data Registrar, Interagency Programs
  • Deborah Ahlers, Special Education Assistant, Lafayette Elementary
  • Catherine Alward, Teacher, Adams Elementary
  • Karen Anderson, Special Education Assistant, Concord International Elementary
  • Barbara Barden, Librarian, Catharine Blaine K-8 School
  • Dee Barker, Special Education Assistant, Green Lake Elementary
  • Kevin Barth, Teacher, West Seattle High School
  • Carrie Bauer, Admin Secretary, B. F. Day Elementary
  • Lisa Boveng, Teacher, Olympic View Elementary
  • Nina Bowman, Family Support Worker
  • Leslie Brickett, Educator
  • Margaret Carlson, Nurse
  • Molly Chin, Nurse
  • Carol Clark, Teacher, Wedgwood Elementary
  • Patrick Dailey, Teacher, John Stanford International
  • Kimberly Depew, Teacher, West Seattle High School
  • Sherri Estep, Special Education Assistant, Genesee Hill Elementary
  • Kevin Finney, Teacher, Meany Middle School
  • Sharon Fisher, Senior Compliance Specialist
  • Morgan Ford, Food Service Worker, Ingraham High School
  • Annette Fritz, Supervisor of Culinary Services
  • Elizabeth Guillory, Assistant Principal, Ballard High School
  • Dorothy Jacobsen, Teacher, Thornton Creek
  • Linda Kuckhahn, Teacher, Dearborn Park International School
  • Ronald Little, Custodial Engineer, Rainier Beach High School
  • Rhiannon Lombard, Nurse
  • Barbara Lynch, Teacher, Franklin High School
  • Cynthia MacIsaac-Buchholz, Teacher, Dearborn Park International Elementary School
  • Mary Maddeford, Teacher, Whittier Elementary
  • James Marks, Steamfitter, Maintenance Services
  • Eileen Matt, Certified Sign Language Interpreter, TOPS K-8
  • Martha May, Teacher, North Beach Elementary
  • Sandra Meyers, Special Education Assistant, Thornton Creek Elementary
  • Michael Murphy, Counselor, Whitman Middle School
  • Vinh Nguyen, Custodial Engineer, Highland Elementary
  • Doreen Norman, Admin Secretary, Sacajawea Elementary
  • Ellen Patt, Attendance Specialist, Jane Addams Middle School
  • Jeffrey Patterson, Fiscal Specialist, Chief Sealth International High School
  • Karen Patterson, Teacher, Aki Kurose Middle School
  • Lisa Phung, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Rising Star Elementary
  • Kay Plommer, Bulk Satellite Manager, Culinary Services, West Woodland Elementary
  • Rita Puzzo, Manager of Culinary Services, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
  • Steven Rachal, Special Education Assistant, Hawthorne Elementary
  • Laura Remme, Admin Secretary Elementary, Cascadia Elementary
  • Mercedes Sandoval, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Viewlands Elementary
  • Sara Schroeder, Teacher, McDonald International Elementary
  • Donna Selstead Hoflack, License Assistant Custodial, Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Deborah Sherwood, Teacher, Sacajawea Elementary
  • Teresa Spiz, Teacher, Greenwood Elementary
  • Roger Startzman, Landscape Lead, Grounds/Sports Complexes
  • Cynthia Swann, Special Education Assistant, Thornton Creek Elementary
  • Elizabeth Terry, Nurse
  • Pamela Wilson, Teacher
  • Karen Wolf, Teacher, Franklin High School
  • Donald Zemke, Teacher, TOPS K-8

31-40 Years of Service

  • Richard Anzai, Team Lead, Transportation Field Operations
  • Damaris Aviles, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Daniel Bagley Elementary
  • Martha Bedregal, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Catharine Blaine K-8 School
  • Nancy Carney, Teacher, Gatewood Elementary
  • Lynda D’Ortiz-Dabek, Fiscal Specialist, West Seattle High School
  • Gerald Donaldson, Family Support Worker
  • Brian Gaynor, Teacher, Gatewood Elementary
  • Timothy Gilmore, Building Laborer, Major Preventative Maintenance
  • James Grunewald, Teacher, McDonald International Elementary
  • Pam Heindl, Teacher, Olympic View Elementary
  • Sergio Henriquez, Assistant Custodian, Ingraham High School
  • Gary Hunter, Teacher, Ballard High School
  • Laurie Iba, Librarian, Alki Elementary
  • Sandra Kennar, Food Service Worker, Meany Middle School
  • Audrey Legette, Special Education Assistant
  • Keith Leifsen, Facilities Supervisor Custodial Services
  • Patricia Magnusson, Teacher, Loyal Heights Elementary
  • Tina McDonald, Special Education Assistant, Lafayette Elementary
  • Ronald McFarland, Teacher, Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Romana McManus, Assistant Principal, John Muir Elementary
  • Theresa Njoku, Librarian, Genesee Hill Elementary
  • Marjorie Nye, Teacher, Alki Elementary
  • Sheree Porter, Teacher, Madison Middle School
  • Karen Putnam, Accounts Payable Accounting Specialist
  • Timothy Ramsey, Special Education Assistant, Ballard High School
  • Anita Slade, Custodial Engineer, Sugiyama High School
  • Annamarie Smit-De Franco, Teacher, Dearborn Park International Elementary School
  • Kim So, Head Assistant Custodian, Rainier Beach High School
  • Nancy Sommerfield, Teacher, West Seattle Elementary
  • Lillian Thoreen, Teacher
  • Kirsten Vontver, Teacher, Loyal Heights Elementary
  • Stuart Willner, Teacher, Nathan Hale High School
  • David Winfield, Teacher, Aki Kurose Middle School
  • Winnie Wong, Special Education Assistant, Wing Luke Elementary
  • Brian Zadorozny, Carpenter, Maintenance Services

41+ years of service

  • Glenda Nicholson, Special Education Assistant, Nova, 43 years
  • Geir Rosvik, Teacher, Special Education Adaptive PE, 44 years
  • Teresa Mori, Transportation Specialist, 45 years
  • Karen Parker, Student Assignment Facilitator, Admissions, 47 years
  • Marguerite Jones, Special Education Assistant, West Seattle High School, 53 years

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