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    Seattle Public Schools Capital Levies

    Capital levies are part of Seattle Public Schools’ long-range plan to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities on a planned and predictable schedule, and play a key role in funding district technology equipment, software and services.

    Building Excellence (BEX) Capital Levies

    Every six years, the district asks Seattle voters to consider renewing the Building Excellence (BEX) Capital Levy. BEX levies enable us to continue the construction of new school buildings,  new additions, and major renovations to existing buildings. Technology and infrastructure improvements are also funded by BEX. Read more about BEX levies projects.

    Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics (BTA) Capital Levies

    Every six years, Seattle Public Schools asks voters to consider passage of the Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics (BTA) capital levy. BTA levies fund small renovations, major maintenance, and improvement projects in school buildings. Read more about BTA levies projects.

    Why SPS needs capital levies

    Capital levies are the primary funding source to ensure that every student has a safe, optimal learning environment. School districts receive limited state or federal funding for improvements to school buildings. Seattle Public Schools relies on voter-approved capital levies to fund school construction and renovations, safety and security upgrades, building systems improvements, and major maintenance. Capital levies also provide the majority of funding for important classroom technology and support for student learning, district technology systems, and technology infrastructure.


    The BEX/BTA Capital Programs Oversight Committee is a citizen oversight committee required by the School Board. They are tasked with assuring that the BEX and BTA programs support academic achievement in the schools and monitoring program revenues, expenditures, and future capital levy planning. Read more about BEX/BTA Capital Programs Oversight Committee

    Levies Updates