Ice and Snow Transportation Plan

From time to time throughout the school year, weather may force a change in the district’s normal operating routines.

The district will make every effort to adhere to the established school calendar, bell schedules, and routes. However, there may be times when weather conditions make the usual roads unsafe or impassable.

As inclement weather and traffic will affect bus schedules and routes, we ask that families be patient and understanding. We will do everything in our control to provide accurate information regarding pick-up times for your students.

The safety of your children is our primary concern.

If weather conditions make a schedule change necessary, the district will communicate the decision through the following methods and in this order:

  1. TV and Radio Stations : Checking the local television or radio stations is an effective and efficient way to find out if there is a schedule change.
    Local TV stations: KOMO 4, KING 5, KIRO 7, Q13 FOX
    Radio: KOMO AM 1000, KIRO 97.3 FM
  2. Social Media : District Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  3. District and School Websites : We post school schedule updates to the district and school websites.
  4. Phone calls, emails and text messages : Families will receive a phone call, email, text message and mobile app notification, however other communication channels may be faster to check.

Options for Schedule Changes

Weather conditions may require the district to put buses on snow routes. However, options for schedule changes will be impacted by decisions regarding school operations for the 2020-21 school year and may change our available options. Additional information will be provided in the fall.

Family Preparation for Adverse Weather

It is highly recommended that every family have and emergency weather plan in place for timely activation. Please ensure your children have an alternate place to stay if you have commitments required outside the home, in the event school is delayed or canceled.

Please ensure that a neighbor, family member or center is able to care for or receive your students. Instruct your students to report directly home or to their established care center immediately on arrival in the evening.

Bus in snow


Ice & Snow FAQs