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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("Section 504") is a Federal civil rights law that is designed to eliminate disability discrimination in programs and activities that receive Federal funds. Since all public school districts receive Federal funds, all public school districts must comply with Section 504. Under Section 504, denying a disabled student a free appropriate public education ("FAPE") constitutes disability discrimination.


Language support for Seattle Public School families and guardians to communicate with schools regarding special education evaluations, registration, special education, and 504.

Families can call us in the following languages:

  • Amharic and Oromo 206-445-3848 or 206-252-0121
  • Chinese & Cantonese, Mandarin & Taishanese 206-475-1860 or 206-252-0013
  • Somali, Arabic 206-430-2494 or 206-252-0880
  • Spanish 206-471-2414 or 206-252-0208
  • Vietnamese 206-471-9386 or 206-252-0778

Child Find

CHILD FIND (504-2)

Please use the above form to identify that your student has current 504 accommodations from a previous school or to start the 504 process for your student, please click on the CHILD FIND link above and fill out the 504-2 form.  Once you have completed the form, please turn the document into your school 504 Building Coordinator.  If you are unsure who that may be, we have provided a list of all of our 504 Building Coordinators below.

Quick Reference Document for New 504 Module 

Accessing a Student 504 Plan

Dear Families of Students with 504 Plans,

The Student Support Services 504 Department is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our 504 documents through Power School and have added a 504 module. This module is now available on The Source and will allow you to view the following documents:

  1. 504-6  Determination of Eligibility
  2. 504-8  Accommodation Plan. Please note that if the student qualifies for 504 Civil Rights Protections without a plan, then you would only see the 504-6.

Both documents have been translated into different languages. Please reach out to your school’s 504 Building Coordinator to request a translation.

Once a plan has been written into the 504 module there will be a new 504 icon that will be placed next to the student’s name. This icon indicates to the teacher that the student has 504 Civil Rights protections and will be able to view the accommodations on their computer. These plans will follow the student to any school within Seattle Public Schools.  

Please be aware that the current plan may not be in electronic form at this time. All schools have until the end of the current school year to move all the paper 504 plans (504-8) into the electronic version. As we transition from the paper plans to the new electronic system, you will be receiving requests for signatures through DocuSign. These requests may come from your school’s 504 Building Coordinator or the 504 Department via DocuSign. Some 504 plans that were created prior to the implementation of the 504 module will be copied into the module and sent out for signatures with the original date of implementation. All plans can be printed off through the 504 module or requested through your school.

We also want to inform you that the new 504-8 will no longer provide teachers/staff with the student’s disability. Seattle Public Schools values your student’s right to privacy which is why we now require the parent/guardian to give permission to include that information on the 504 Accommodation Plan.

As with any new technology, there may be some issues that arise and need to be fixed. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this transition period. Attached you will find a Quick Reference Document (QRD) which explains how to access the 504 module on The Source. You may also find this information on our Student 504 Procedures Page as well as the list of current 504 Building Coordinators.

We appreciate your support and hope that this tool will make it easier for families to access the 504 accommodation plans going forward.


Shanon D. Lewis

504/ADA Coordinator
T: 206-252-0885
C: 206-507-7002
F: 206-743-3046
2445 3rd Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134
PO Box 34165
MS 31-681
Accessing My Students 504-8

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