Seattle Public Schools


Student ADA

Student ADA at Seattle Public Schools

Ensuring information and communications is easily accessible for all students in Seattle Public Schools.

Seattle Public Schools is committed to non-discrimination and ensuring that information and communications for District-sponsored programs, events, and activities is accessible to students with disabilities. This includes students who are deaf or hearing impaired as well as blind or visually impaired in accordance with Section 504 and Title II of the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

To ensure that communication for students with disabilities is as effective as for non-disabled students, it is the responsibility of the District to act on each request for auxiliary aids and services upon request. These services will be provided in an accessible format at no cost to the student.

Auxiliary aids and services include a variety of communication services and devices that promote effective communication for students with disabilities. Examples include certified sign language interpreters, real-time captioning services, translation services, written materials, large print, Braille, or electronic versions of information. The types of auxiliary aids and services necessary will depend on the length of complexity of the communication, circumstances, and the needs and desires of the student.