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What are recovery services?

This term is used by OSPI to describe the additional special education and related services for students with disabilities that are designed to address lack of appropriate progress on IEP goals because of the pandemic. Recovery services are different from compensatory education and Extended School Year (ESY) services. Recovery services may be considered for every student with an IEP from preschool to age 21, but not every student with an IEP will require recovery services.

How does my child get recovery services?

Case managers will communicate with families in the spring of 2021 to inform them of recovery services and share information about what those services may be, including the process for accessing these services. Discussions to determine and plan for needed recovery services can happen this spring, fall, or during the 2021-2022 school year. Decisions can take place prior to the start of the 2021–22 school year, prior to the annual IEP meeting, or could happen at the upcoming annual review date if the district and parent agree. Decisions about recovery services will be documented and communicated. 

What will recovery services look like?

  • Recovery services can be provided outside of the district’s school day/year or during the school day
  • Decisions about how much, what kind, and how often recovery services will be provided will be made based on individual student need.
  • Examples of recovery services may include: Additional in-person instruction, in-person or teletherapy services, additional transition services, additional remote services, before or after school or during school breaks, special education services on early release days, additional in-person structured play groups or peer social groups before or after school or during school breaks.

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