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Academy for Rising Educators

What is the Academy for Rising Educators (ARE)?

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Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is committed to teacher diversity. The ARE is one way we are hiring and recruiting more educators of color.

The ARE, in collaboration with the City of Seattle Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL), helps SPS high school seniors and recent graduates, current SPS staff, and community members earn their teaching certificate.

SPS will pay for your tuition and teacher certification while attending Seattle Central College, where you will earn your associates degree. Afterwards, you will attend North Seattle College where you will earn your bachelor’s degree.

You will then have the opportunity to attend the University of Washington where you will earn your teaching certificate and masters degree. Graduates of the program commit to teaching in Seattle Public Schools for 4 years.

Are you interested in the ARE but not ready to commit yet?

Let us know by completing the form linked below and we will let you know when applications are available and when ARE events are happening.

ARE focuses on increasing representation in classrooms

The ARE aims to recruit and retain educators of color and diverse local backgrounds. Watch the King 5 video about ARE

The ARE prepares and supports candidates that model three program goals. Candidates are:

  • Rooted in our communities;
  • Dedicated to long-term teaching; and
  • Committed to anti-racist teaching to support students furthest away from educational justice.

ARE Pathways

Option 1: Earn an Associates of Arts (AA) Degree at Seattle Central College

  • Recent high school graduates seeking AA Degree
  • Adult learners without a degree

Learn more on the Seattle Central College website

Option 2: Earn a Bachelors Degree and/or Teaching Certificate

You can acquire a bachelors degree and a teaching certificate from Central Washington University or City University.

  • Central Washington University website
  • City University website

Or you can attend North Seattle College and UW:

  • Bachelors degree from North Seattle College
  • Teaching certificate from UW

Option 3: Earn a Masters Degree at UW

  • UW – Accelerated Certification for Teachers (U-ACT)
  • UW – English Language Learners/Bilingual (BECA)
  • UW – Seattle Teacher Residency (STR)
  • UW – Special Education High Incidence (SEHI)

How to Apply to ARE

Tristan Wiley, Academy for Rising Educators Program Manager
Tristan Wiley, ARE Program Manager
  1. Complete the online ARE application
  2. Create an eCert account in OSPI
  3. Be accepted into one of our partner colleges and universities
  4. Submit your FAFSA


Contact Tristan Wiley at or schedule a consultation with Tristan