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Child Find

Child Find is a district process to identify children birth-21 suspected of having a disability to evaluate and identify need for Special Education and Related Services. Early identification of disabilities assists parents, students, and schools in the design of appropriate educational services and supports.

Child Find Screenings for Children 3-5 Years Old

If you live within the Seattle Public Schools boundaries and have concerns regarding your preschool-age child’s learning or development, you can complete the online Child Find Intake Form for a free developmental screening.

You may select your preferred language to complete this process using the dropdown menu located on the upper right corner of the form. Supported languages include Amharic, English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese. For assistance in other languages please call or email Child Find to set up an appointment with a translator to complete the intake form over the phone.

Upon receipt of the Child Find Intake Form, our Child Find team will contact you to support you through next steps in the process. 

Contact Seattle Public Schools Child Find:

Child Find for School-Age Children

If your child turned 5 years old after August 31st of the current school year or your child is currently in school and you suspect your child may have a disability that is impacting his or her access to education, please contact the principal of your neighborhood or attendance area school.

Transfer Students: If you have recently moved into Seattle and your child has an IEP from another school district, please visit our Admissions site to enroll your student to begin IEP services.  

Birth-to-Three Transition

For families living within district boundaries receiving Part C / Early Intervention services, the transition planning period occurs at ~30-36 months of age and is a time to gather information and make decisions about referring a child for evaluation.

If determined eligible through the evaluation process, families can access Special Education Services from Seattle Public Schools for their child. The process includes a Transition Conference meeting (~31-32 months), an evaluation (~32-34 months), and an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students that qualify (~34-35 months).

If you are currently receiving Birth-to-Three Early Intervention services, and you are interested in a referral to the school district for services beyond age 3, please contact your current Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) to initiate the planning process.

If you have any questions you can contact Seattle Public Schools Birth-to-Three Transition Coordinator at 206-252-0835.