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Schoology LMS

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Schoology Learning Management System (LMS)

Schoology offers technology to organize content, engage students, and connect to families.

What is Schoology?

Schoology is Seattle Public Schools’ learning management system. 

  • Teachers may post assignments, messages and calendar items.
  • Schoology allows students and teachers to engage in two-way conversations and class discussions.
  • Teachers can easily share files and links with students, families and fellow teachers.

Who Will Use Schoology?

Schoology is typically used in secondary classrooms. First time parent or guardian users can set up an account using the code found on the Source.

How to Join

  • Students will be registered automatically to their teachers’ courses, and will log on with their SPS username that begins with 1 and ends with and their usual password.
  • Parents and guardians must sign up through the Schoology Access Code link found in their Source accounts.

Schoology Language Settings

To change the Language settings in your Schoology account, navigate to the bottom of the page and click “English”. From here you should be able to choose your desired language. The Schoology mobile app language depends on the Language & Region settings on your device.

Parent and Guardian Registration Steps

Reminder: students do not set up accounts, they log in with their SPS username on the Student Portal with Clever and select the Schoology icon.  

To Create a Parent Schoology Account

Parent and guardian Schoology Access Code(s) are found on the Source. If you do not have one, please create your Source account.

  1. Log onto the Source
  2. Click the Schoology Access Codes link from the left menu.
  3. You may copy and paste or write down, then type in your Schoology access code.
  4. Click the Sign up for Schoology LMS button.
    • NOTE:  If using the Schoology APP, click the Sign up for Schoology link at the bottom of the screen, then select PARENT.
  5. Enter the Access Code from the Source and click Continue.
  6. Fill out the form with YOUR  name and email address, create a password. 
  7. Click Register.  If you only have one student, skip the next section.

Add More Students to your Schoology Account

  1. After you create an account and login, click the down-facing arrow on the top right and choose the + Add Child link.
  2. Enter the Access Code from the Source and click the Use Code button.
  3. Repeat for each student enrolled in SPS.

To view student account content, switch from Parent to Student view

When you set up your account, you will be in Parent view.  To see your student’s courses, you must be in Student view. Click the down facing arrow from the top right and click your student’s name. A check mark will display next to their name and you will be in Student view.  If you have more than one student, click the other student’s name to view their information.

Schoology parent account menu example

To see your student’s classes, click Courses.  If your student is a member of a group, click Groups.

Set up Parent Notifications

  1. Make sure your student’s name displays at the top, right.
  2. Choose Settings, near the bottom of the list.
  3. Select the Notifications tab, default setting are Off.
Notifications default off
  1. To receive the Parent Email Digest, click Email Summary and select On.
  2. Choose a time and day to receive the email.
  3. To receive the Overdue Submission Email, select On.
  4. Choose Save Changes. Email notifications will be sent to your Schoology parent username (email address).

Schoology Parent Guide

Schoology Parent Guide

Parent Schoology Log in screen

If you share a device with your student

Students use Office 365 and their school username and password to log onto Schoology. Office 365 caches the information of the person logged onto the device. If you share a personal device with your student, please use different browsers.

To Logout

Click the name displayed on the top, right to expand the menu, then select Logout from the bottom of the list.

Log In to Schoology

Schoology FAQ

What do I need to register?

To create an account, you will need your Schoology Access Code, found in the Source.

How do I create a Schoology account and add students to my account?

Please see Parent and Guardian Registration Steps on the page above.

How do I view my students in Schoology

Please see Parent and Guardian Registration Steps on the page above.

What about messages?

Students receive emails throughout the day.
If an email is sent to parents or guardians, they are delivered once daily at 5:00 p.m.

How does a parent account compare to a student account?

Students use their school username and password to log onto Schoology via Microsoft’s Office 365.  They are able to contribute to classroom discussions, download textbooks, and take tests.  Parents and guardians can view most of these items, but cannot download textbooks, take quizzes or join classroom conversations with students.  Visit the Student Management Account to see the differences between your account and your student’s.

What can parents see in Schoology?

Parents can view courses, assignments, and calendars for all their students. Parents cannot view submitted assignments, comments from other children in the class, or assignment grades.

I have multiple children in the District. Can I view all my children under my Schoology account?
Yes. With Schoology, it’s easy to add additional children to your parent account. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to add additional children. 

What do I do if I forget my Schoology password? 

Please visit the Schoology Forgot Password resource.

Why can’t I change my password?

Make sure your name is selected; you may be in your student’s account.

Why don’t I see + Add Child?

Make sure you click the down arrow on the top, far right, near the question mark. 

How do I change my parent account password?

  1. Click the down facing arrow to the right of your name
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Look for the Account Password section and click the Change your password link
  4. Enter your Current password
  5. In the New and Confirm password fields, enter the password you wish to use
  6. Click Submit

Visit the Schoology passwords site if you’ve forgotten your password.

Why do I only see one school on my right menu? 

Schoology displays the school of the first student you added to your account when you registered.  To see all schools, select All Children from the right menu.

Why don’t I see any groups?

Your school may not be using groups at this time.

How do I login to Schoology?

From your student device, launch a browser to open the SPS homepage. Select the Clever Student Portal link then the Schoology icon.

What is my user name?

Enter your SPS student Username beginning with 1 and followed by (Example If you need help logging in, any teacher or library can provide assistance.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please contact your school librarian or teacher to have it be reset.

Need Help?

Additional Resources

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Schoology Help Center

Schoology Parent Guide

Schoology Student Guide

Students, please visit our Student Username and Password page for detailed STUDENT log in steps. 

Contact Us

Student Support: Contact your school librarian or teacher

Staff Support: Contact your school Digital Learning Specialist

Parent and Family Support:

Families when you contact us, please include the following information: A brief description of the problem, Your full name, Your email address, Your student’s full name, Your student’s 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#, Your student’s school.

If you have questions or need help please email