West Seattle Elementary

West Seattle Elementary School Addition Project

Open for the 2023-24 school year.

West Seattle Elementary School was expanded with a 12-classroom addition, and the existing building was reconfigured to support a new library and secure entry.


construction phase graphic showing that the school is in the Open phase
Learn what happens in each of these phases
  • Pre-design phase complete
  • Schematic design phase complete
  • Design development phase complete
  • Construction documents and permitting phase complete
  • Bid and award phase complete
  • Construction complete.
  • School open.

Recent Progress

Updates are posted for the previous month.

Major Activity in August 2023

  • Installed downspouts.
  • Continued irrigation systems and landscape installation.
  • Completed sports field and Pre-K playground.
  • Held open house on August 31.

Activity Planned in September 2023

  • Open school with ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 6.
  • Complete K-2 and K-5 playground equipment installation.

Project Photos

site plan drawing showing school campus, school, and addition
Site plan with addition shown
inside of a large room with ceiling tiles removed and wires hanging down
Selective demolition in the adminstration area and classrooms – Aug. 2021
a classroom with flooring removed
Demolition in one of the existing classrooms – Aug. 2021
a 2 story building has tarps in front of the entry and concrete forms set in an octagon
Footing framework for the entry addition and canopy – Oct. 2021
a brick building with part of it draped in plastic with dirt in front of it
Progress on the entry addition and canopy – Nov. 2021
a building with wood sheathing
New exterior wall will allow creation of windows to the playground – Nov. 2021
a building under construction with structural steel going up
Structural steel in progress with second floor frame installed – Dec. 2021
orange steel girders and uprights beginning to form a building
Structural steel for floor 2 – Dec. 2021
two wings of a brick building have a section between them that is under construction with plastic sheeting partially covering it
Main entry work underway – Dec. 2021
snow on a large building with part of it under construction
Snowy view of West Seattle Elementary School – Jan. 2022
final structural steel beam is painted red, white, and blue; has signatures on the white part; has flag and evergreen tree attached
Preparing to lift the steel top off beam with a topping out ceremony – Feb. 2022
final beam in place with two people standing on it; it has a US flag, an evergreen tree, and a banner on it
Final top steel beam in place with traditional flag and Christmas tree for the topping out ceremony – Feb. 2022
a steel framed building under construction is attached to an existing building at one end
Looking north at the classroom addition – Feb. 2022
concrete floor under steel beams with metal over them; stairway up to the left
Floor 1 in the classroom addition – Feb. 2022
a steel framed building under construction is attached to an existing brick building at one end
Exterior of classroom addition, looking northeast – Feb. 2022
interior of a building under constuction with wall framing and mechanical runs
Level 1 of existing building – future learning commons and hallway – Feb. 2022
aerial photo of a large building with construction happening at one end
Aerial view of West Seattle Elementary with addition in white – Feb. 2022
a building under construction with a lift truck
Classroom addition, looking northwest – Feb. 2022
a partially constructed building with no walls and some metal studs
Exterior framing on floor 2 of the addition, looking East – Feb. 2022
a room under construction with a metal roof and metal floor that has rebar across it
Rebar in place for slab-on-metal floor in classroom addition – Feb. 2022
interior of a buiding under construction with duct work and wiring shelves
MEP rough in on the first floor of existing building learning commons and hallway – Feb. 2022
corner of a two story building under construction
Classroom addition, looking southeast – Mar. 2022
inside of a building under construction with metal wall studs and the underside of a metal roof
Framing in level 2 of the addition – Mar. 2022
a brick building has a round canopy under construction in front of it
Entry canopy taking shape with the new entry behind – Mar. 2022
a brick building has a steel frame structure in front of it
Structural steel for the bike shelter – Mar. 2022
aerial photo of a construction project at one end of a building
Aerial photo of entire school, looking southeast – April 2022
a construction area with a metal shelter made of steel in progress
New canopy at end of existing school – April 2022
a brick building has a circular canopy and part of it under construction
Entry addition and canopy with the windows to the new library showing behind it – April 2022
an interior space under construction
Wall supports and wall removal to open up the space for the new learning commons in the existing school – April 2022
interior of a building under construction with a peaked ceiling
Framing for the interior windows of the new library, May 2022
a one-story building udner construction
Classroom addition, looking northwest, May 2022
aerial view of a building with part of it under construction
Aerial photo from straight overhead, May 2022
aerial view of a building with construction work happening
Aerial view with new addition to left and new entry and library in center – June 2022
a building with construction happening
New entry canopy underway with new library located on second floor behind it – June 2022
a building with scaffolding and partial brick walls
Brick masonry facing installation underway – June 2022
a curved concrete wall with soil on each side
Retaining wall/seating wall in the south play area – June 2022
aeriel photo from one side of a large building with a field behind it
Aerial view looking southwest with addition to left – Aug. 2022
a round canopy on metal posts in front of a two story building under construction
New entry canopy in front of the 2nd floor new library addition – Aug. 2022
atwo-story building with brick on part of the walls and a construction lift
Classroom addition with brick installed – looking southwest – Aug. 2022
a one story building under construction with brick on some of the walls
South side of classroom addition, looking north – Aug. 2022
a partially built room with a person standing by the wall
Wallboard taping and finishing in progress in addition – Aug. 2022
a large room with windows covered in plastic
Interior painting in progress in the classroom addition – Aug. 2022
aerial view of a large building with bare dirt on the lower side of the photo
Aerial view – Sept. 2022
part of a 2 story building with weather wrap on the upper part and around a circular canopy
Entry canopy and library – Sept. 2022
a brick and metal panel 2 story building with part of it still showing weather wrap material
North side of new classroom addition – Sept. 2022
part of a brick building with metal panels above and below a corner window
Metal wall panel and window on north side of classroom addition – Sept. 2022
a one story brick building with construction work happening on the ground in front of it
South side of the classroom addition – Sept. 2023
aerial photo at an angle to a large building with constructon happening
Aerial view with concrete pumping truck – Oct. 2022
a brick building has a round entry canopy attached to an area under construction
New entry canopy and 2nd floor addition – Oct. 2022
a long brick building with varying faces and construction work happening
New classroom addition from the east – Oct. 2022
white rectagular tiles cover two walls with a space between them
Ceramic tile in the restroom area – Oct. 2022
hallway with a glassed in room and some cabinets - none are finished
Interior painting and casework installed in new classroom addition – Oct. 2022
an interior space under construction with a wood ceiling in front of some windows
Wood finished ceiling in the new classroom addition – Oct. 2022
aerial view of a large building with asphalt and paving
Aerial view of entire school – Nov. 2022
aerial view of a large building with a field behind it
Aerial photo looking southwest with new addition to left – Nov. 2022
a curved canopy with a walk way to a building entrance
Entry canopy and new library – Nov. 2022
a large room with no ceiling tiles or flooring and with some shelving on two walls
Interior painting and casework in the new library – Nov. 2022
a large yellow wall in a large room with no floor coverings or ceiling tiles
Ceiling installation and accent wall in the learning commons – Nov. 2022
a purple wall in a hallway under construction
Accent wall color at the entrance hallway – Nov. 2022
white ceramic tile on walls and yellow ceramic tiles on floor
Installing ceramic tile floors and walls in the restrooms – Nov. 2022
a long wall with a white markerboard
Markerboard and tackboards in the classroom addition – Nov. 2022
a door and windows in a wall between two brick walls
Metal wall panels at the south side of the classroom addition – Dec. 2022
a person stands on a tall ladder painting a yellow triangle adjacent to a purple one
Painting the interior entry stairs – Dec. 2022
looking down concrete stairs with a metal grid railing on the landing next to the stairs
Guardrails at the top of the entry stairs, new library in background – Dec. 2022
a large room with windows to the outside on one wall and windows to the inside on another. the ceiling is wood and there are some shelves against the wall. a ladder is in the middle of the room
Installing casework and the wood ceiling in the new library – Dec. 2022
a person in an orange safety coat with a hard hat is walking into a carpeted room with cabinets and a sink. the ceiling grid does not have panels
Installing carpet and casework in the classroom addition – Dec. 2022
a brick building has a round canopy with orange sheathing. construction workers and materials are in the photo
Installing metal wall panels at main entry – Jan. 2023
a brick building with a one story covered outdoor area and an uncovered area with a concrete curb
Preschool play area preparation – Jan. 2023
stairway leading up with metal mesh railings. the top of the wall is painted in swaths of purple, gold, and white, a mural runs along the wall side going up the stairs
New entry stairs lead up to the library landing – Jan. 2023
people in construction hats and coats stand in a large open room with shelves, carpet, and windows. the ceiling grid only has some of the tiles
Casework and carpeting in the new library – Jan. 2023
view up toward a roof of a rounded shaped roof with a round hole in the middle
Perforated metal soffit on the entry canopy – Feb. 2023
a section of a hallway with wood walls, windows on one side, and a door straight ahead
Wood finishes in the entry vestibule with the welcome area beyond – Feb. 2023
an empty library with shelves, windows, and a bench under the windows
Library ready for books and furnishings – Feb. 2023
a classroom with no furniture but with cabinets and a white board
Updated existing classroom – Feb. 2023
a hallway with a tackboard and framed screens separating it from another area
Perforated screens at updated learning commons in existing building – Feb. 2023
a common area in a hallway with bracing and guardrails
Rubber flooring, benches, railings, and ceiling tiles in addition learning commons – Feb. 2023
a round canopy on posts sits in front of a doorway and second floor windows
Entry canopy with metal wall panels installed – March 2023
a brick wall and a concrete and steel panel wall form a corner with a garden in front. plants in pots are set onto the soil
Planting in progress at the main entry – March 2023
a wall of windows shows a bright colored mural on the wall outside. tables and book cases are in front of the windows
Moving in library furniture – March 2023
a hallway has a purple wall on the right side and doors and windows on the left. a cream colored floor is installed with protective pathways installed on top
Rubber flooring in the main hallway is protected for move in of furniture – March 2023
a large space has seating clusters, support poles, and screening from the main hallway
Learning commons in existing building gains light through a screen – March 2023
a common area is defined by a striped floor and a learning wall and teacher station
New learning commons in the addition – March 2023
a group area has seating clusters, a learning wall, and a teacher station with a purple wall separating it from the hallway
New learning commons in the addition – March 2023
a young tree has bracing in front of a school building
Tree planting in front of the classroom addition – April 2023
a group of low soft seating in a nook between two windows with a low bookshelf on the back wall
Library book placement in progress – April 2023
a hallway with tables in front of a curving wall of windows on the left
Moving in furniture on level 2 – April 2023
a room has groups of desks, windows and chairs
Classroom furniture move in – April 2023
people looking at a half wall made of metal grid with wood framing. Earthquake bracing runs from floor to ceiling
Hardwood trim on the perforated guardrail in a learning commons – April 2023
a brick building has a sign that says West Seattle Elementary School
Building signage on the addition – June 2023
a canopy made of three circles on metal poles is above a sidewalk with a yellow painted curb
Exterior canopy at pickup area – June 2023
a brick building has a world map painted on the blacktop in front of it
World map painted on south play area – June 2023
two basketball courts have striping and hoops
Basketball court striped – June 2023
a mural is being painted on a blue wall surrounding a basketball court
Mural in progress at the basketball courts – June 2023
looking up at the underside of a roof over a play area
Repainting underside of the covered play area – June 2023
a large room has a climbing wall and a basketball hoop - the wood floor is unfinished
Gym floor refinishing in progress – June 2023
a circular canopy says West Seattle Elementary School and is in front of an entry door
Main entrance with new canopy and secure vestibule – August 2023
a purple wall has the word Welcome in multiple languages
Welcome wall just inside the entrance – August 2023
a classroom
Classroom set up in progress – August 2023
a broad expanse of artificial turf with a baskeball play are behind it
Artificial turf and play equipment installation in progress – August 2023
a paved area has lines for baskeball and basketball hoops, plus painted bike traffic lines
Bicycle traffic garden and basketball play area – August 2023
the wall of a paved play area has a mural painted on it that says High Point Community
Mural – August 2023
play equipment partially installed
PreK play area play equipment installation underway – August 2023

About the Project

A new, approximately 20,000 square foot 2-story addition provides 12 new classrooms and two learning commons to better support students’ academic success. Improvements to the existing 50,700 square foot school building includes new paint, carpet, and technology.

By reconfiguring the spaces, the administration office is now located next to a secure entry vestibule. Mechanical systems have been upgraded. The expanded school will provide permanent space for up to 500 students. The library has been relocated and expanded for more natural light and visibility.Site improvements provide better pedestrian access and new play areas/fields, as well as a new bicycle garden.

Technology enhancements included in the BEX V capital levy are designed to provide equitable access to technology for high-need schools to support teaching and learning in meeting the needs of students. Equipment includes audio-visual systems such as classroom displays (projectors/screens), sound systems, document cameras, and devices to connect them.

A School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) that included the principal, staff, teachers, parents, and community members advised the school architect. This collaborative process resulted in an equitable, safe, and inspiring learning environment.

Design: Miller Hayashi Architects

Construction: Jody Miller Construction

Project Budget: $28.3M

Funding Sources:  Building Excellence V Capital Levy (BEX V), approved by Seattle voters in 2019 and a grant from the State of Washington

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