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James Madison Middle School Classroom Addition and Field Improvements

A classroom addition is being built. Field improvements are proposed for 2023. The school will remain onsite during construction.

Timeline — Addition Project

graphic showing project phases; with we are here in construction box see timeline below
  • Predesign phase complete.
  • Schematic design phase complete.
  • Design development phase complete.
  • Construction documents and permitting phase complete.
  • Bid and award contracts phase begins complete.
  • Construction phase in progress.
  • Addition opens Fall 2022.

Learn what happens in these project phases

Athletic Field Lighting Project

Permit Workshop

Seattle Public Schools proposes to install athletic field lighting at Madison Middle School that exceeds the maximum height permitted by Seattle Municipal Code. SPS is seeking a special exception from the City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI).

As part of the required process, SPS held a virtual Master Use Permit (MUP) workshop to gather feedback, comments, and suggestions from residents within 1/8 of a mile of the proposed field lighting project. The workshop was held Wednesday, Feb 16, 2022.

To submit additional comments by email:; refer to project 3035946-LU

Field improvements are expected to be scheduled summer 2023.

Recent Progress — Addition Project

Progress updates are posted for the previous month the week after the monthly BEX and BTA Capital Levies Oversight Committee meetings. These meetings typically take place on the first Friday of each month.

Major Activity in April 2022

Several parts of this project wrapped up in April. Exterior waterproofing, interior metal stud framing, and drywall are complete on the first and second floors. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems now have finished trim. Casework installation is done.

Major Activity Planned for May 2022

This month, installation of windows, doors, and door hardware begins. Work continues on the elevator and roof.

Project Webcam and Progress Photos

a site plan drawing showing the campus and where the addition
Project site plan showing work area and addition
a corner of a building covered in orange material
Weather resistance barrier installation, looking southeast – Mar. 2022
a concrete stairway on one level with a wood stairway on the next level down
Precast concrete stair installation – Mar. 2022
interior of a roome with metal studs and a part of the wall has wood blocking
Typical classroom teaching wall installation blocking – Mar. 2022
a building under construction
Exterior metal stud framing where addition connects to existing building – Feb. 2022
a concrete ramp on a building under construction
Floor 2 connection ramp to existing building courtyard – Feb. 2022
a room under construction
Restroom plumbing rough in – Feb. 2022
2 workser are installing framing for a window in a building under construction
Second floor science classroom window framing install – Feb. 2022
interior of a building under construction with steel stud framing and steel brace frames
Interior wall framing with brace frames between classrooms – Feb. 2022
aerial view directly over a building under construction showing a narrow connection to the existing building, a road at the top of the image, and a parking lot to the left
Aerial view of the addition project – Jan. 2022
a steel framed wall is on one side of open dirt and an existing building with the windows covered is on the other side
Floor 1 metal stud framing installation
a view looking up at a 2 story building under construction
Metal stud wall installation view from sidewalk – Jan. 2022
a framed floor with a grid on it has a hole in that has two edges for a stairway going down
Steel installation for main staircase – Jan. 2022
a concrete floor with a framed corner wall and a metal ceiling
Framing window openings – Jan. 2022
a two story construction project has been attached to an existing building
Steel framing at building connection – Jan. 2022
a building under construction shows steel wall supports within a structural steel frame
Exterior metal stud framing continues around the building, and the roof metal deck installation is complete – Jan. 2022
a 2 story building under construction with metal pan decking and steel supports
Preparing for the 2nd floor concrete pour-east side of addition – Jan. 2022
a 2 story building under construction with metal pan decking and steel supports
Preparing for the 2nd floor concrete pour-north side of addition – Jan. 2022
a concrete frame lined with black with a steel framework in the background
Bioretention planter on west side of new addition – Dec. 2021
a steel frame for a two story building
Steel in place with edge forming installed – Dec. 2021
a steel frame has braces and metal decking above a concrete floor
Structural steel and steel floor bracing in place with metal decking installed – Dec. 2021
a structural steel framework has a top beam with a flag and an evergreen tree
Last beam placed to top out steel erection on Nov. 19, 2021
people working to put down material on top of gravel
Vapor barrier placement before installing concrete slab – Nov. 2021
concrete is being pumped into framing with workers guiding the nozzle
First pump delivery of concrete for slab-on-grade for addition – Nov. 2021
a large area of wet concrete with people working to smooth it out
Finishing the concrete for the slab-on-grade – Nov. 2021
a crane is moving steel beams
Structural steel deliver – Nov. 2021
piles of steel beams are sorted on the concrete slab
Cured concrete slab with structural steel sorting – Nov. 2021
wood forms with rebar inside at a construction project
Forms and rebar ready for stem wall concrete – Oct. 2021
a concrete half height wall with wood near it
Concrete poured for the exterior stem wall – Oct. 2021
a concrete wall steps up a hill and has black globs on it
Beginning waterproofing installation on stem wall – Oct. 2021
a concrete wall steps up a hill and has black paint on it to about halfway up
Waterproofing adhesive being applied to stem wall – Oct. 2021
a building with construction materials next to it
Sound barriers being installed – Sept. 2021
a construction site with wood frames around concrete
Concrete footings – Sept. 2021
a dirt lot that has been graded into various levels
Excavation and grading at the site of the new addition
a dirt lot with wood concrete forms standing upright
Form layout to prepare for concrete footings

About the Addition Project

A new 12,500 square-foot, two-story addition on the north side of the school will include six new general classrooms, two new science classrooms, and learning support spaces. All classrooms will have large windows to allow natural light into the rooms. The addition will relieve overcrowding and provide resources that students need for academic success.

Proposed 2022 field improvements will include replacing the existing grass field with a new synthetic field with cork infill and add six shielded high-efficiency LED light poles to allow evening use. The new light poles are designed to control light spill-over and glare and minimize sky glow.

After construction, all portable classrooms will be removed from the school grounds.

School Design: Studio Meng Strazzara

Construction: Forma Construction

Project Budget: $10.5M

Funding Source: Funded by State of Washington Distressed Schools Grant and the BEX V Capital Levy approved by voters in 2019.

School Design Advisory Team

The School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) met virtually because of the pandemic. Information about SDAT and meeting minutes are posted.


Questions or Comments

Project Manager — Addition Project: Matisia Hollingsworth,

Project Manager — Field Lighting Improvement Project: Conrad Plyler,

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