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5240 Evaluation of Staff

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board that all staff be evaluated on their performance on an annual basis.  The proper evaluation of staff is an integral part in improving student achievement and the efficiency of district operations.   

  1. Evaluation of Non-Supervisory Certificated Staff
  2. The Superintendent shall develop a system for evaluating certificated staff in collaboration with the Seattle Education Association (“SEA”). Such a system shall provide for supervisory assignments for staff evaluation; observations; evaluation of new staff; criteria and related forms to be used for evaluating teachers, educational staff associates, and classified staff; observation and evaluation procedures; probationary action; and non-renewal procedures. All principals and administrators with staff evaluation responsibilities shall be appropriately trained and shall be expected to demonstrate the necessary skills to implement the staff evaluation plan of the district.

    The evaluative criteria and timelines used to evaluate non-supervisory certificated staff are contained in the pertinent collective bargaining agreement between the SEA and the district and contain the minimum criteria listed in RCW 28A.405.100.

  1. Evaluation of Principals and Assistant Principals
  2. Each principal and assistant principal shall be evaluated annually. The evaluation shall be based on his/her job description, accomplishment of annual goals and performance objectives, and established evaluative criteria.

    The Superintendent shall develop a process for these evaluations. The Superintendent shall inform the principal and assistant principal of the criteria to be used for evaluation purposes. Principals and assistant principals shall be evaluated under the 2011 Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluation Process. The evaluation criteria shall include, but not be limited to: the ability to create a school culture that promotes the ongoing improvement of learning and teaching for students and staff; the ability to create and provide for a safe school environment; the ability to develop, implement, and evaluate a data-driven plan to increase student achievement; the ability to assist instructional staff with alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment with state and local district learning goals; the ability to monitor, assist, and evaluate effective instruction and assessment practices; the ability to understand school finance issues and manage both staff and fiscal resources to support student achievement and legal responsibilities; the ability to partner with the school community to promote student learning; and the ability to demonstrate a commitment to closing the achievement gap.

  1. Evaluation of Certificated Represented Administrators
  2. The Superintendent shall develop a process for these evaluations. The Superintendent shall inform these administrators of the criteria to be used for evaluation purposes.

    The criteria, when applicable, shall include at least the following categories: knowledge of, experience in, and training in recognizing good professional performance, capabilities and development; school administration and management; school finance; professional preparation and scholarship; effort toward improvement when needed; interest in students, employees, patrons, and subjects taught in school; leadership; and ability and performance of evaluation of school personnel.

  1. Evaluation of Represented Classified Staff
  2. The process and criteria for evaluating classified represented staff shall be based upon the job description and any applicable criteria and process contained in the relevant collective bargaining agreement.

  1. Evaluation of Non-Represented Staff
  2. The process and criteria for evaluating non-represented staff shall be based upon the job description and factors developed by the Superintendent and Human Resources Department.

    The Superintendent shall annually assess the quality of the evaluation process and present the results during the annual Human Resources oversight work session.