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5230 Job Descriptions/Responsibilities

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for developing administrative guidelines and training opportunities to assure that staff know what is expected of them and how these expectations may be achieved. Each staff member shall have a job description that identifies the essential functions of the job and which shall also serve as a basis for evaluation. The annual evaluation of all staff is a district priority. Job descriptions shall be reviewed annually and revised when appropriate. 

  1. Duties of Classified and Certificated Staff
  2. Staff are subject to the policies of the district, provisions of staff agreements in effect, state Board of Education regulations, state Superintendent of Public Instruction regulations and other applicable state and federal laws.

    It shall be the duty of each employee to know the rules, policies and regulations of their school or department and the district. Employees shall be directly responsible to their supervisor to follow the required policies, instructions and rules and regulations.

  1. Principals and Program Administration
  2. The district shall hold principals and other administrative staff accountable for the implementation of proper and efficient conduct of classroom teaching in their schools, which will meet the individual and collective needs of the particular students enrolled. Principals shall achieve and maintain standards of excellence in the instructional program so that each student exposed to this program derives the greatest academic and personal benefit from the learning experience. They have primary responsibility for the improvement of instruction in their programs. A major portion of the principal’s time is to be spent with staff, including classroom observations, staff evaluations, departmental meetings and review of instructional materials and new and promising innovations in teaching. A principal must possess the knowledge and skill necessary to evaluate the performance of staff members in accordance with district evaluation procedures. The Superintendent or his or her designee shall be responsible for determining the evaluation skill and/or needs in considering candidates for the position of principal, as well as providing an on-going development program related to the needs of all principals.

  1. Duties of Administrative Staff (Non-principals).
  2. As authorized by the Superintendent, administrative staff shall have full responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the area to which they are assigned. Administrative staff are governed by the policies of the district and are responsible for implementing the administrative procedures which relate to their assigned responsibilities.

Each administrator’s duties shall include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Planning for the improvement of the program that he/she is responsible; 
  1. Evaluating that program regularly; 
  1. Recommending to the Superintendent, through the management team, budgetary, program, staff and other changes that will enhance the program;  
  1. Advising the Superintendent, through the management team, of the impact of proposed policies or other administrative actions on the program that he/she is responsible; 
  1. Evaluating the performance of those staff reporting directly to him/her; 
  1. Assisting his/her subordinates to improve their performance; and 
  1. Promoting effective working relationships with students, staff and patrons of the district. 

The Superintendent shall define the specific responsibilities of administrative staff through written job descriptions that identify essential job functions and shall also serve as a basis for evaluation.