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5222 Job Sharing

A job-sharing assignment is the shared performance of the duties of one full-time, regular position by (2) employees. It is the policy of the Seattle School Board to permit employee job sharing, provided that in no case should the cost to the District of a shared position be greater than the cost of a regular position.

The district reserves the authority to:

  1. Determine the number of job-sharing positions, if any, within the district;>
  2. Require the employees in a job share position to develop a written plan forsharing the performance of the position and to obtain the written approval of their supervisor; and
  3. Dissolve any job-sharing assignment, or change a job-sharing position to a full-time position held by one employee, at the sole discretion of thedistrict in accordance with applicable provisions of collective bargainingagreements.

Employees sharing a position will be responsible for sharing the responsibilities for participation in staff meetings, building/program based professional development days, and committees. Both Employees in a job share position are required to participate in mandatory trainings. The Superintendent is authorized to develop a procedure to implement the sharing of jobs.