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5050 Staff Contracts

The district shall contract annually with each applicable staff member.  Such contracts shall be in conformity with state law, district policies and negotiated agreements.  The contract shall be binding on the district and on the staff member and may not be abridged or abrogated during its term by either party except by mutual consent or as may be provided elsewhere in Board policy or in negotiated agreements.

  1. Certificated Contracts
  2. The contracts for certificated employees, including but not limited to teacher, principal, supervisor, or other certificated employee holding a position as such with the district shall be in writing and for a period not to exceed one year.  A contract for a certificated employee may be terminated as allowed under state law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

    1. Issuance of Certificated Staff Contracts

      The district, upon recommendation of the Superintendent and approval by a majority of the Board of Directors through the personnel report, shall offer a certificated staff contract to the applicant so recommended and approved. Such a contract shall state the salary to be paid based upon the applicable salary schedule, the number of days of service, and effective date and term of the contract. The contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions of any collective bargaining agreement between the district and the organization certified or recognized as the negotiating representative for the certificated staff employed by the Board. In the event that any of the provisions of the individual staff member contract are inconsistent with the provisions of any such collective bargaining agreement, then the terms of the collective bargaining agreement shall prevail.

      For certificated non-supervisory employees who have continuing contract rights under RCW 28A.405, a continuing contract will be issued and renew annually, unless the contract is non-renewed or terminated by the Superintendent as allowed under RCW 28A.405. Employees must sign and return their first certificated non-supervisory continuing contract. Thereafter, continuing contracts will be issued to an employee and are deemed accepted by the employee after fourteen (14) days of issuance, unless the employee resigns in writing at any time prior to the expiration of the 14-day period.

    1. Provisional Employment

      The district shall issue to certificated first, second, and third year teaching or other non-supervisory certificated staff a “provisional contract” for “provisional employees” who are subject to non-renewal of employment as provided by law for such staff members. Staff who have completed at least two years of certificated employment in another school district in the State of Washington shall be a provisional employee only during their first year with the district. Such a “provisional contract” shall include the information that it is understood and agreed that the staff member has not completed three years of employment in a Washington state public school district and that the provisions of RCW 28A.405.220 are applicable during the first three years of certificated employment of the staff member by the district or the first year of employment with the district if the staff member has completed at least two years of employment in another Washington state public school district.

      Provisional employees must sign and return a provisional employment contract every school year they are employed by the district.

      The Superintendent may remove an employee from provisional status as provided for under state law and pursuant to the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

    1. Retire-Rehires and Persons Replacing Certificated Staff on Leave

      The district shall issue one-year, non-continuing contracts to persons who have retired from a certificated position in the state of Washington and are returning to employment under the “retire-rehire” provisions of state law. The district shall issue “replacement employee” contracts upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and action of the Board, to certificated staff who replace certificated staff who have been granted leaves. Such contracts shall be for the duration of the leave only and are not subject to the terms of the Continuing Contract Law. Such contracts shall clearly state the terms and conditions of the contract. These contracts shall include a rider that the staff member agrees that they are employed pursuant to RCW 28A.405, the contract shall expire automatically at the end of the contract term, and that it is not subject to the provisions of RCW 28A.405.210.

    1. Adjustments

      The district shall provide for the review and adjustment of certificated staff contracts on the basis of information filed with the Human Resources Department. The staff member shall provide the Human Resources Department, according to schedule, with the required information, including official college or university transcripts, official records of degrees completed, official records of approval and completion of authorized work for equivalent credits and all other pertinent data for contract adjustment purposes.

    1. Supplemental Employment Agreements

      The district shall issue a separate supplemental employment agreement to certificated staff, when contemplated under a collective bargaining agreement, for service to be rendered in excess of a normal “full-time” assignment or for service to be rendered beyond the scheduled staff day or for service to be performed beyond the scheduled staff year. The supplemental contract will also be issued for co-curricular activities and special responsibility assignments. Separate agreements shall not exceed one year and, if not renewed, shall not constitute an adverse change in contract status. Salary for services performed under the supplemental employment agreement shall be paid according to the current salary schedule for co-curricular activities or, in the case of extended time assignments, according to the applicable provisions for payment for the services rendered.

      Supplemental contracts, which are not subject to the continuing contract statute, shall be issued for services to be rendered in addition to a staff member’s normal “full-time” assignment.

  1. Classified
  2. Represented classified staff members are employed pursuant to state law and the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Written contracts are not required.

    Non-represented classified staff are required to pass the probationary period listed in Policy No. 5280. Non-represented classified staff are employed for a period of time not to exceed one year.   After twelve months of employment for the district, non-represented classified staff shall be employed on a month-to-month basis and may be terminated with one month notice. Non-represented classified employees, however, may be terminated at any time for sufficient cause, including but not limited to financial or misconduct reasons. Written contracts are not required.  

  1. Consultants
  2. Staff consultant services may be obtained when unique knowledge or technical skills are needed. A description of desired services and an estimate of time and costs shall be submitted to the Superintendent or designee for action. Compensation shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee. Compensation classification of a consultant on a personal services contract or payroll shall be determined in compliance with the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.