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Elementary School Students Online Safety

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Seattle Public Library (SPL) Online Resources

Books about internet safety in the library catalog:

How to access e-books from the Seattle Public Library

How to login to SPL with a student ID  (library how-to video on YouTube)

Using Libby to access Seattle Public Library eBooks and eAudiobooks Libby is an e-book app available on Seattle Public School computers as well as android and Apple mobile phones. On mobile phones , download Libby by Overdrive App available in the App Store (iOs) or Google Play (android). Learn more about Libby for mobile devices. On a district computer , staff and students can access the Libby App:

  1. The Libby App should already be installed on your district computer. If you do not see it, you can add it by opening Software Center:
    1. Search for Software from the find menu on your computer, and select “Software Center”Select “Libby, by OverDrive”

Middle School and High School Students Online Safety

Cyber bullying

  • Tell someone if someone has bullied you online
  • Keep everything if someone is mean to you or bullies you online
  • Don’t engage
  • Don’t pass on embarrassing photos or posts about others
  • Don’t do or say anything online that you wouldn’t offline


  • Don’t share your personal info, even if someone offers something for free
  • Don’t share your password with anyone
  • Use tough passwords and change them frequently
    • Tip: Use words you can remember easily but spell them incorrectly


  • Think and pause before clicking
  • Watch out for “too good to be true” offers

Social Media

  • Social Media posts can come back to haunt you later in life.
  • Use settings or options to make all of your social media profiles private.
  • Make sure you are using strict privacy settings on services such as Instagram and Facebook.

Location Services on Cell Phones

Common Sense Media Location Services Information 

  • Turn off location services to prevent apps from tracking your location.
  • Location-sharing apps also are big targets for advertisers who want to make you a customer.

Student Network Use Agreement

All students with individual network accounts will be required to accept the Seattle Public Schools’ network use agreement electronically when they first log on to the district network and when there are changes to the agreement. Read more about the Network Agreement and find forms.