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What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is an online portfolio platform for elementary students (PreK-5th grade) for an online classroom for our youngest students. Preschool and elementary school teachers may choose to use Seesaw or Schoology for their students.

How Do Student Access Seesaw?

Students access Seesaw through the Student Portal (Clever).

  1. Go to Clever Student Portal
  2. Select Log in with Microsoft
    • If you are using a SPS laptop, you will automatically be directed to Clever.
    • If you are using a personal computer, sign in with your student SPS email, “” and SPS password. Note: If you do not know your SPS username or have forgotten your SPS password, please contact your classroom teacher
  3. You are now in Clever, select the Seesaw application under SPS Tools.
screenshot of popular logins on district home page. Seesaw link is highlighted in red box

Quick Access to Seesaw

Students can also access Clever and Seesaw on the home page of this website. Just look for the blue Seesaw or Clever Student Portal button in the Popular Logins section.

Setting up the Seesaw Family App

Translation Tools in Seesaw Family App