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CSIP and School Report

About CSIP

The Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is an action plan for each school that identifies the areas a school plans to focus on in the current and coming school year, the performance goals they want students to achieve, and how the school plans to collaboratively meet these goals.

The plans are updated regularly to reflect the strategies being used at each school. This document also serves as the school-wide improvement plan for our Title I schools

About School Reports

School Reports show a brief snapshot of a school’s academic growth, student climate, accountability, family and staff engagement, and overall school performance.

School reports are produced by the State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for each school and district in the state and updated periodically throughout the year as data becomes available.

Questions about school reports? Contact us: Research and Evaluation Department,

About School Climate Surveys

School Climate Surveys are used for school-level improvements, climate surveys are given to all staff, students and families each year. The staff and student surveys are given to respective groups in person at schools; the family survey occurs in the spring.

Catharine Blaine Levy Projects

Here you will find an overview of work completed by school levies.

Levies are a primary funding source for construction, renovations, safety and security upgrades, major maintenance, classroom technology and technology infrastructure, academics support projects and athletic field and track improvements.

Seismic Report: The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Earthquake safety/seismic improvements projects are funded through the voter-supported Building Excellence (BEX) and Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) capital levies. Visit the Capital Projects webpage to read the most recent report.


In February 2010, the $270M, six-year capital levy, Buildings, Technology and Academics III (BTA III), garnered support from 73.45 percent of those voting in the levy election. It was a renewal of the Buildings, Technology and Athletics (BTA II) levy, passed by voters in February 2004.

  • 2017 : Install new fire sprinklers. Replace existing water mains.
  • 2013 : Upgraded roofing and made exterior building improvements including resealing windows and re-pointing masonry. Replaced old heating controls with programmable electronic controls and made associated improvements.
  • 2011 : Replaced roof on remaining areas of school. Replaced select clerestory windows. Installed energy-conserving fan and pump motors.


In 2004, Seattle voters approved the BTA II capital levy. The levy funded nearly 700 facility improvement projects and technology upgrades at every school in the district. 

  • 2011 : Replaced boiler burners.
  • 2009 : Science classroom upgrades: new sinks, counter tops and cabinets, and new prep/storage room. Four new classrooms. New flooring installed in corridors, main office and lunchroom. Ceiling tiles replaced/repainted. Boiler updates. New water heater and toilet room exhaust fans.
  • 2008 : Re-roof and exterior restoration
  • 2006 : Waterline replacement
  • 2005 : Library Upgrade


The $150 million Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics (BTA I) capital levy was approved by voters in February 1998. BTA I funded more than 465 small and large facility projects at every school in the city. The projects included safety and security upgrades, roof and window replacements and technology and athletic field upgrades.

  • 1999 : Reroofing, Elec/Data/Phone/Intercom
  • 1999 : Wide Area Network

About BTA

The Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) Capital levy supports the district’s long-range plans to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities and address enrollment growth.

The BTA IV Capital levy was approved by voters in 2016. Seattle Public Schools will receive these levy funds from 2017 through 2022.