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Family Learning Guide

Elementary Family Learning Guides

The November family-teacher conferences are an excellent opportunity for conversations to discuss student strengths and areas for continued growth.

Kindergarten – 5th grade student progress reports are issued three times a year, at end of each trimester. The first trimester will end December 4, 2023.

The information on our Family Learning Guides can help you understand the subject standards your child is learning. These guides can help you prepare for your conference.

A young student sits in a classroom holding a mobile phone and smiling for a photo.

Kindergarten Family Learning Guide

Kindergarten Family Guide
Young student works at a math problem at a white board in a classroom
1st Grade

1st Grade Family Learning Guide

1st Grade Family Guide
An elementary student writes in a notebook in a classroom
2nd Grade

2nd Grade Family Learning Guide

2nd Grade Family Guide
Four students sit together on a playground and smile for a photo
3rd Grade

3rd Grade Family Learning Guides

3rd Grade Family Guides
Two students work together at a desk in a clasroom
4th Grade

4th Grade Family Learning Guide

4th Grade Family Guide
Two students work together at a computer in a classroom
5th Grade

5th Grade Family Learning Guide

5th Grade Family Guide