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Technology Usage Fee

Summary: Seattle Public Schools student devices will need to be returned to your school at the end of the school year.

Technology Usage Fees for Student Equipment

This year for our 1:1 Student Device Program, families will need to sign an agreement form and provide a $25 usage fee. When we distributed equipment to students last year, the agreement form signed by families indicated that this fee had been temporarily waived for the duration of district-wide remote learning. With a return to in person school, we are reinstating this fee.

Families can use School Pay to pay the $25 fee. Schools will work with families unable to pay the fee on an individual basis. While we received some relief from the state and federal government, it did not cover all the added costs of devices, repair parts, and support.

During the coming school year, if a student loses their device, a fine will be applied at the rate of $250 for iPads or $350 for laptops. This is roughly half of the cost of the devices. Lost chargers will also incur a fine. These fines defray the cost of providing students additional equipment.

This past year nearly 30% of the student equipment was not returned at the end of the school year. While we anticipate many of the devices to return with students as they start school in the fall, this is a huge shortfall that is not sustainable. Charging fines for lost or destroyed devices this coming year will help defray replacement costs so we can continue providing each student with a device. A stolen device with a police report will not incur a fine. Again, schools will work with families unable to pay the fine on an individual basis.

If you are eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch (FRL) or your family is covered under McKinney Vento or you currently have a financial hardship, please notify your school.

Technology Forms

iPad Device Agreement and Set up

Laptop Device Agreement and Set up

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