Start and End Time and Transportation Changes

Summary: Part of the 2023 Budget plan includes changes to transportation services. The changes provide significant budget savings without large-scale changes.

Transportation and Start Time Changes for Some Schools

Part of the Fiscal Stabilization Plan includes changes to transportation services that will cut costs and improve efficiency. These changes for transportation will save the district more than $6 million, without large-scale system changes for all schools in our district.

Twelve schools will change their start and end time for the new school year. The change will be in effect on the first day of school, Sept. 6. Families at the effected schools will receive a separate message on Friday, May 5. This message will include their school’s new start time.

School start and end times have a significant effect on district budgets. Currently, our two-tier bell schedule is out of balance. The change will enable SPS transportation to increase yellow bus service efficiency. Bus drivers who serve these schools will be able to drive two or more routes rather than being limited to one route.

The following schools will have a new start time for 2023-24. The length of the school day remains the same.

  • Bailey Gatzert, Dearborn Park, John Hay, Green Lake, South Shore PreK-8, View Ridge and West Woodland will move to the 8:55 a.m. start time.
  • Adams, Concord, Licton Springs K-8, Thurgood Marshall, and TOPS K-8 will move to the 7:55 a.m. start time.

SPS will also end supplemental shuttle service for five high schools and a temporary bus route that supported a school boundary change. Families with a student at the effected schools will receive a separate message on Friday, May 5.

Supplemental shuttles were created to provide extra services for neighborhoods that had limited Metro bus services. Beginning September 2023, Ballard, Cleveland STEM, Ingraham, Lincoln, and Chief Sealth International will no longer have supplemental shuttle services. This change does not affect students who receive transportation services as part of the special education services as identified in their IEP.

A temporary bus route was added in 2021-22 school to support the Kimball Elementary school boundary change. The district will not renew this temporary bus service.

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