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Levy Planning Guiding Principles

Summary: The Seattle School Board is adopting guiding principles for the next school levy.

Seattle Public Schools is beginning the planning for the Building Excellence (BEX VI) capital levy, scheduled to go before the voters in February 2025. One of the first steps in that process is for the School Board to adopt guiding principles for the levy.   

The Seattle School Board wants to hear from you about your priorities for the next capital levy.  

Please fill out this BEX VI Guiding Principles Feedback Form and let us know if these principles align with your values for Seattle Public Schools buildings by Monday, Oct. 2, 2023

Draft Guiding Principles 

The School Board introduced the Draft Guiding Principles at the Regular Board Meeting on September 13, 2023.   

The Guiding Principles, together with the priorities listed in Board Policy No. 6901 Capital Levy Planning, are used to score and rank projects proposed to be included in the levy.

About SPS Capital Levies 

The Seattle Public Schools Building Excellence Capital Levy is renewed every six years. 

The Building Excellence VI (BEX VI) replaces the expiring levy approved by voters in 2019. BEX VI would fund capital improvements including projects to modernize or replace aging buildings, fund technology for student learning, district infrastructure and security.  

The BEX VI Capital Levy pays for things such as:  

  • Construction projects such as building or replacing schools  
  • Condition projects, such as: modernizing school buildings; installing safety and security systems in school buildings  
  • Completing earthquake safety/seismic upgrades for school buildings  
  • Providing classroom technology and technology infrastructure  
  • Making capital improvements to meet the educational needs for students and staff  
  • Upgrading athletic fields and tracks 

Capital Funding Separate from Operating Funds 

While the district currently faces challenges in the annual operating budget, capital levy funds are separate and must be used for the building projects and technology priorities approved in the levy. 

Read more about BEX VI levy and other school levies that help support our district.  

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