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    2019-24 Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan Logo a star with text "Seattle Public Schools"Seattle Public Schools is committed to making sure every student graduates prepared for college, a career, and community participation. While great work will continue for all students, Seattle Excellence, the district’s five-year strategic plan, makes clear what we will accomplish for underserved students and families.

    Seattle Excellence, is guided by four priorities and is laser-focused on supporting students of color who are furthest away from educational justice, beginning with African American boys and young men. This work is not about changing students. It is about changing broken systems and undoing legacies of racism in public education. By actively addressing racism in our educational system, and ensuring students furthest from educational justice thrive, conditions in Seattle Public Schools will improve for all.

    During the 2019-20 school year, we are focused on three goals: Seattle Super Readers, making sure all students read well by 3rd grade; safe and welcoming schools; and culturally responsive professional practice and instruction.

    Seattle Excellence is a collective effort. Thank you to the School Board for adopting this bold plan and charging staff to enact necessary system and practice changes. Thank you to our community and community partners for helping us create it by sharing your wisdom and hopes and dreams for Seattle’s students. And thank you to our school leaders and staff who will continue to transform your work to align with the plan’s commitments.

    Four young students stand close together (arm in arm) smiling for a photoI know the district can’t accomplish the priorities and goals outlined in Seattle Excellence without the support of our entire community. Realizing educational justice will take all of us – from the bus stop to the board room. But if it can be done, it can be done here in Seattle. We have the resources and the brainpower; we just need the will. Together, we will make sure that every SPS student is empowered and prepared to reach their dreams and achieve Seattle Excellence.

    In partnership,
    Superintendent Denise Juneau


    Strategic Plan Priorities


    Seattle Public Schools is committed to eliminating opportunity gaps to ensure access and provide excellence in education for every student.


    Every Seattle Public Schools’ student receives a high-quality, world-class education and graduates prepared for college, career, and community.