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SPS Data Available for Research

SPS Data for Conducting Research

Any custom request (e.g., additional data elements, specific student population, etc.) will require an extra few weeks of processing time. All data is student-level and student confidentiality is protected via proxy identifiers.

Seattle Public Schools will not provide Free & Reduced Lunch (FRL) status information – the district may only disclose students’ FRL eligibility information to individuals that are specifically authorized access under the National School Lunch Act for nutritional program purposes.

Please review the tabs below for a list of data elements available.

  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • ELL Status
  • Advanced Learning Status
  • Special Education Status
  • McKinney-Vento Status
  • Primary Language
  • Home Language
  • Living With
  • Projected Grad Year
  • Enrollment Start and End Date
  • Enrollment Status Description and Code
  • Current School
  • Current Grade
  • Graduation
  • Attendance Date
  • Attendance Days Possible
  • Absence Count
  • Excused Absence Count
  • Unexcused Absence Count
  • Tardy Count
  • Total Disciplinary Actions
  • Short Term Suspensions
  • Long Term Suspensions
  • Expulsions
  • Course Term
  • Course Code
  • Course Title
  • Course Subject Group
  • Course Subject Period
  • Course Start Date
  • Course End Date
  • Coursework Status
  • Mark Type
  • Mark Term
  • Mark
  • Credits Attempted
  • Credits Earned
  • Term
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Cumulative Credits Earned
  • Term Start and End Date
  • Test Season
  • Test Grade
  • Subject Area
  • Test Name
  • RIT Score
  • RIT Standard Error
  • Percentile Rank
  • Test Window
  • Test Grade
  • Subject Area
  • State Test Name
  • Test Attempt
  • Level
  • Met Standard

Dates regarding school closure/reopening


  • 2019-20: Attendance data wasn’t collected after 3/11/2020
  • 2020-21: Majority of school year took place in a remote learning environment, with some students returning in the Spring.
  • 2021-22: Tardies were not tracked consistently with prior years until Mid-October


  • 2019-20: Shift to remote learning in the middle of March
  • 2020-21: Majority of school year took place in a remote learning environment, with some students returning in the Spring.


  • 2019-20: Assessments were not conducted in the Spring 2020 window
  • 2020-21: Limited numbers of assessments were administered, and SBA was not administered in the Spring 2021 window.
  • 2021-22: SBA was administered in the Fall and Spring. OSPI has provided guidance to avoid making comparisons of the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 administrations of the SBA with prior Spring SBA scores. With the most recent guidance being:
    • “Finally, we want to encourage you to consider these spring 2022 results as a new baseline of student performance, and do not compare these results with student performance in fall 2021, spring 2019, or earlier. We encourage you to focus on the physical, social, and emotional support needs of students and staff related to the close of another very challenging school year. Thank you for all the hard work and support you have provided to students during this time.”

Grading Policy

  • 2019-20: Second semester grading policy was A’s or incompletes
  • 2020-21: Grading policy for full year was A, B or C’s or incompletes