Research and Evaluation

Research & Evaluation Mission

The mission of Research & Evaluation (R&E) is to support evidence-based decision-making, public accountability and organizational learning in Seattle Public Schools.

R&E’s areas of responsibility include:

Performance Measurement and Accountability

R&E partners with the Business Intelligence department to support the design and production of district and school performance frameworks and accountability reports. This work includes working with stakeholders to define key performance indicators, developing survey tools and other instruments, conducting statistical analysis, and producing data tools and dashboards. Learn more about Performance Measurement and Accountability.

District Surveys

R&E designs and administers district-wide surveys that support performance measurement, organizational learning and improvement. Surveys include annual school climate surveys of students, families and staff, the school leader customer satisfaction survey, and central office employee engagement survey. Learn more about District Surveys.

Educational Research & Program Evaluation

R&E partners with district and school leaders and community stakeholders to support research and evaluation activities that contribute to organizational learning, planning and decision-making aligned to strategic goals and objectives. Additionally, R&E cultivates grant-funding and support for innovative research-practice partnerships with external researchers and organizations. Learn more about Educational Research & Program Evaluation.

Apply to Conduct Research

R&E manages the formal review process for all external research requests, evaluating proposals to ensure they are relevant to district strategic priorities, rigorous in methodological approach, and low risk and low burden for study participants. Learn more about applying to conduct research.

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Eric M. Anderson, Ph.D., Director

Shelby P. Cooley, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate