Seattle Public Schools

Title VI Indian Parent Committee Minutes & Grant Information

2024-2-8 IPAC Meeting Minutes

Seattle Public Schools Native Education
Title Vl, Indian Parent Advisory Committee (IPAC)
Thursday, February 8, 2024

In attendance: Gail Morris, Tonia Galindo, Trina Nonis, René McCaul, Danielle Vaillancourt, Donna Hale-Wolcott

  • Meeting started at 5:00pm
  • Motion to approve January 2024 minutes: René
  • Second: Donna
  • Motion: passed

Community Check-in

BLM Curriculum inclusion

Year End Moving Up Ceremony

Date: June 5 or June 6 as back up

René will reach out to 350 Seattle for serving volunteers

Chef Olivia Ford for food (gluten free options available)

Venue option: Rainier Beach CC

Venue needed 4pm-9pm

MC and photographer needed

Look into Huchoosedah SPS reusable selfie stand

Native Education Update

The next Culture Night, February 13, 2024, is at Meany Middle School 301 21st Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98112 room 46, 5:00-7:00 pm

  • We will have a Valentines Day Party 
    • We will have a Cake/Sweet Tear Walk, please bring a cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc to donate if you can!
    • This will be a Potluck, please bring a dish to share, we will have roasted chicken, salad and rolls
    • We will have a craft table for our kiddos to make cards or they can bring their own and decorate them up
    • We will have the big drum, Deer Track Society, we will start a round dance!

We have some backpacks and jackets if your student needs one

Meeting ended at 6 p.m.

Next meeting is on March 14, 2024

We encourage all parents and guardians of Seattle Public Schools Native American and Alaskan Native Students to attend. The role of the Title Vl Native Education Parent Advisory Committee is to consult with and advise the Seattle School District on the development and operation of the Title Vl Program, assist in the development and approval of the Title Vl grant, and to help organize and conduct community cultural events, it’s important to know that the PAC helps to organize events and raise funds as well.  By serving on the PAC parents and guardians of Native American/Alaskan Native Students in Seattle Public Schools can help decide the program goals and activities.

 For information contact Gail Morris  206-252-0948