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How to Become a SPS Community Partner

Contact Rivka Burstein-Stern (she/her) Director of Strategic Partnerships You can find more information on the District Forms and Processes for Schools and Partners webpage. Visit the SPS Community Partnership Database webpage to find out how to join the database.

Native Community-Based Organizations

There are many Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that offer a variety of services, events, and support to our Native students and families. Please visit their websites to see what they have to offer:

Eighth Generation
Eighth Generation—the first Native-owned company to ever produce wool blankets—is based in Seattle, Washington. With a flagship retail store in Pike Place Market, the company provides a strong, ethical alternative to “Native-inspired” art and products through its artist-centric approach and 100% Native designed products. Eighth Generation’s Inspired Natives Project, anchored by the tagline “Inspired Natives, not Native-inspired,” builds business capacity among cultural artists while addressing the economic impact of cultural appropriation.

Mother Nation
206- 722-2321
Mother Nation’s Board of Elders, staff, and resources advisory council members carry the teachings as professionals with over forty years in addiction recovery, sexual abuse, icw, counseling leadership and facilitation to guide women beyond trauma.
Mother Nation gives support to Native women and their children during emergencies providing domestic violence/sexual assault advocacy, court advocacy, safety planning, homelessness prevention, shelter referrals, healing groups and sweat lodge ceremony for men and women.

Red Eagle Soaring

Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre (RES) exists to empower American Indian and Alaskan Native youth to express themselves with confidence and clarity through traditional and contemporary performing arts.

Seattle Indian Health Board
Seattle Indian Health Board is a community health clinic that provides health and human services to its patients while specializing in the care of Native people. We are recognized as a leader in the promotion of health improvement for urban American Indians and Alaska Natives, locally and nationally.

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation
Our mission is to provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect Indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people.
To be a social service provider, community center, and cultural home for urban Indians.

Urban Native Education Alliance (UNEA)
The Urban Native Education Alliance is a grassroots, volunteer-based, student-centered nonprofit designed to support the academic and social success as well as the wellness and emotional/ physical health of Native American youth. Offering mentorship, tutoring, cultural/traditional activities and learning opportunities for students ages 9-19.