Seattle Public Schools

Multilingual Services

Refugee Support

Seattle Public Schools supports newly arrived refugee children (ages 5 to 21 and in the country three years or less) by improving students’ academic performance and social adjustment to schools. 


  • Ensure refugee students’ high academic performance and successful school integration.
  • Strengthen the skills and knowledge of refugee parents, and schools for the benefit of refugee students.
  • Goal-oriented Activities for Students:
  • Provide support that increases English proficiency and literacy skills.
  • Implement programs that orientate students to schools or promote school readiness (e.g. teaching life skills, study skills and school navigation skills).
  • Promote high school completion through credit retrieval programs or supports for Collection of Evidence, High School and Beyond Plans, and culminating projects.
  • Promote high school graduation through programs that develop vocational skills.
  • Promote career and post-secondary exploration or offer internships.
  • Employ intervention strategies to monitor students’ academic and social integration progress.
  • Refer students to school-based after school programs and other community resources.

Goal-oriented Activities for Families:

  • Increase parent/family participation in schools.
  • Offer interpreter services for parent/teacher meetings and conferences.
  • Provide information to parents about navigating school system.
  • Refer families to community resources.

Goal-oriented Activities for Seattle Public Schools:

  • Offer opportunities for school staff to engage in authentic refugee experiences and events.
  • Provide refugee cultural competency training for school staff.
  • Provide information about refugee groups to school personnel.
  • Train school personnel on creating welcoming environments for refugee families.

Goal-oriented Activities for All:

  • Create mechanisms for problem-solving between parents and schools.