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    Instructional Materials

    The Instructional Materials Office coordinates with Curriculum and Instruction to maintain instructional materials review and adoptions.

    The office:

    • Maintains a current list of adopted materials
    • Maintains reference copies of current adopted materials, supplemented by copies of these materials for circulation in the Professional Library
    • Works, through the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) to review and approve the process of adoption of new Instructional Materials district-wide in accordance with state law and district policy
    • General Adoptions page
    • Instructional Materials Committee Meeting Minutes

    Current District Adoptions

    The following links list the current adoptions for the Seattle Public Schools:

    Please note district-adopted materials should not be surplused. Please contact if you have surplus adopted materials.

    Recent adoptions:

    Instructional Materials Committee

    The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) is established in conformance with state law (RCW 28A.320.230). Within the structure of the established adoption schedule, the purpose of the IMC is to:

    • Approve the timeline of each specific adoption;
    • Approve the membership of the Adoption Committee;
    • Approve the selection criteria to be used by the Adoption Committee and ensure that the criteria are aligned with the principles outlined in the official policy;
    • Certify to the School Board that the final recommendation of the Adoption Committee was reached by following the process outlined in the official policy and any related Superintendent Procedures; and
    • Ensure that a Professional Development cycle is developed.

    Seattle Public Schools is seeking participants to serve on the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC). The IMC plays a crucial role in ensuring our educators and students have access to high-quality instructional materials. Serving on this committee also gives parents/guardians the opportunity to be involved in the process of adopting instructional materials without having to commit to the greater time demands of the actual adoption committee. The IMC’s work is limited to oversight of process, so committee members work closely with the adoption committees, but are not responsible for the actual selection of adopted materials. The IMC may meet in person or electronically four times a year for up to two hours at any one meeting, but the number of meetings may fluctuate based on actual planned adoptions.

    Thank you for your interest. The application period is now closed.