Instructional Materials

High School Adoptions

High School Instructional Materials Adoptions


Language arts/Literature, Adopted 2010


  • Murdock, Jerald, et al., DISCOVERING ALGEBRA, Key Curriculum Press, 2007.
  • Serra, Michael, DISCOVERING GEOMETRY, Key Curriculum Press, 2008.
  • Murdock, Jerald, et al., DISCOVERING ADVANCED ALGEBRA, 2004.
  • Bock, David, et al., STATS: MODELING THE WORLD, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2010.
  • Foerster, Paul A. CALCULUS, CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, Key Curriculum Press, 2005.



  • Biology A: Carbon TIME (adoption year 2019)
  • Biology B: District developed (adoption year 2019)


  • Chemistry A: District developed (adoption year 2019)
  • Chemistry B: District developed (adoption year 2020)


  • Physics A & B: PEER (adoption year 2019)

Earth Science:

  • *Spaulding, N. E., Namowitz, S. N., & LeMone, M. A. (1994). Earth science. Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath.
  • *Optical Data Corporation, THE LIVING TEXTBOOK, D.C. Heath, 1994.

Ecology/Environmental Science:

  • *Raven, P. H., Berg, L. R., & Johnson, G. B. (1993). Environment. Fort Worth: Saunders College Pub.
  • *Christensen, J. W. (1996). Global science: Energy, resources, environment. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Pub.
  • *Bernstein, L., Winkler, A., & Zierdt-Warshaw, L. (1994). Addison-Wesley environmental science: Ecology and human impact. Menlo Park, CA: Addison-Wesley.

Social Studies

Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty, Adopted 2019

World History: Adopted 2012

  • Roger B. Beck,, WORLD HISTORY: PATTERNS OF INTERACTION, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012. (9TH & 10TH grade)
  • Strayer, Robert W., WAYS OF THE WORLD: A BRIEF GLOBAL HISTORY WITH SOURCES, Bedford/St. Martins, c2011. (APP World History)

Government: Adopted 2012

  • MAGRUDER’S AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, Pearson, c2011. (American Gov)

AP Government: Adopted 2013

  • Edwards, Wattenberg and Lineberry, GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA: PEOPLE, POLITICS, AND POLICY, AP ed.,  Pearson, 2014. (Am Gov-AP) 

United States History: Adopted 2012

  • HISTORY ALIVE! : PURSUING AMERICAN IDEALS, TCI/Teachers Curriculum Institute, c2013. (Gr 11)
  • Henretta, James A. AMERICA’S HISTORY, Bedford/St Martins, C2011. (APP U.S. History)
  • Washington History: Adopted 2010
    Lambert, Dale A. WASHINGTON, A STATE OF CONTRASTS, 2nd ed., Directed Media, 2008.

International Baccalaureate Program

IB Americas: Adopted 2013

  • Brinkley, Alan.THE UNFINISHED NATION, 7th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2014.

IB 20th Century : Adopted 2013

  • INTERNATIONAL HISTORY OF THE 20TH CENTURY AND BEYOND, 2nd ed., Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2008.

World Languages

  • French:
    Schmidt, Conrad J., BON VOYAGE, 1, 2, 3. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2008
  • German:
    Winkler, George, KOMM MIT! Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 2000. (German I, II, III)
  • Japanese:
    ADVENTURES IN JAPANESE, volumes 1-4, Cheng & Tsui, c2007
    FURTHER ADVENTURES IN JAPANESE, volume 1, Cheng & Tsui, c2007
  • Latin:
    LATIN FOR AMERICANS, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1997. (Latin 1, 2 and 3)
    Pharr, Clyde, VERGIL’S AENEID, BOOKS I-VI, D.C. Heath, 1996.
  • Russian:
    Kostomarov, V., RUSSIAN FOR EVERYBODY, Russky Yazky: Moscow, 1989.
  • Spanish:
    Blanco, Jose A., SENDEROS 1, 2, 3, IMAGINAS, TEMAS, Vista Higher Learning, 2018-19 (adoption year 2019)

Business Education and Marketing

Academy of Finance: Banking and Credit:

  • Sargent and Ward, SECURITY FIRST BANK-A BANKING CUSTOMER SIMULATION, 3rd edition, South-Western Educational Publishing, 1992.

Academy of Finance: Financial Planning:

  • Kapoor, Dlabay, Hughes, PERSONAL FINANCE, Irwin Publishing, 1999.

Academy of Finance: International Finance:

  • Dlabay and Scott, BUSINESS IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, South-Western Educational Publishing, 1996.

Academy of Finance: World of Finance:

  • Wilson and Clark, ECONOMICS, 4th edition, South-Western Educational Publishing, 1997.


  • Ross, Gilbertson, Lehman and Hanson, CENTURY 21 ACCOUNTING GENERAL JOURNAL APPROACH 7th edition, South-Western Pub., 2000. Simulations: Foreign Exchange Translation Service, Fitness Junction, Putting Green Golf Supply; Software: Automated Accounting 7.0.
  • Ross, Gilbertson, Hehman and Hanson, CENTURY ACCOUNTING-ADVANCED COURSE, 7th edition, South-Western Pub., 2000. Simulations: Blue Skies Outfitters, Inc., Southgate Hardware, Ind., Valley Fan Center Inc. Software: Automated Accounting 7.0.

Applied Communication:

  • COMMUNICATION 2000 MODULES 1 THROUGH 14, South-Western Educational Publishing & Agency for Instructional Technology, 1996, 98, 99. Modules include Workplace Communication, Listening and Speaking, Workplace Writing, Information in the Workplace, Reading in the Workplace, Self-Management, Negotiation to Solve Problems, Communication with Co-Workers, Communication with Customers, Communicating in Teams, Diversity in the Workplace, Technical Communication, Effective Presentations.

Business Law:

  • Brow, Sukys, and Anderson, UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS & PERSONAL LAW, 1998.

Computer Applications 1:

  • Blanc and Vento, LEARNING MICROSOFT OFFICE 97, DDC Publishing, 1997.

Computer Applications 2:

  • Blanco, LEARNING POWERPOINT 97, DDC Publishing, 1998.
  • Vento & Blanco, LEARNING MICROSOFT EXCEL 97, DDC Publishing, 1998.
  • Katsaropoulos, et al., LEARNING THE INTERNET FOR BUSINESS, DDC Publishing, 1999.

Computer Concepts:

  • Andrews, A+: A GUIDE TO MANAGING AND MAINTAINING YOUR PC, 2nd edition, Course Technology/ITP, 1998.

Electronic Publishing:

  • Cram and Hirschl, CREATING WEB SITE PROJECTS, Course Technology/ITP, 1998.
  • Barron & Lyskawa, MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE 98
  • ILLUSTRATED STANDARD EDITION, Course Technology/ITP, 1998.
  • Cram, Carol, ILLUSTRATED PROJECTS: WORLD WIDE WEB, Course Technology/ITP, 1997.
  • Adobe PHOTOSHOP CLASSROOM IN A BOOK, Adobe Systems, 1998.
  • Adobe PAGEMAKER 6.5 PROJECTS, Course Technology/ITP, 1998.

Information Technology:

  • NETWORKING ESSENTIALS, 2nd ed., Microsoft Press, 1997.
  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS 95 TRAINING VOLUME 1 & 2, Microsoft Press, 1995.
    Chappell, INTRODUCTION TO CISCO ROUTER CONFIGURATION, Macmillan Tech Pub., 1999.


  • MARKETING AND BUSINESS LAPS, Marketing Education Resource Center, Inc., 1996-98. 148 student and teacher LAPS, subscription to the Update Service, Bibliography, Index, 1998 Sample Tests, Key Competencies, General Marketing Curriculum Guide, LAPS include Economics, Distribution, Human Relations, Mathematics, Management, Fashion Merchandising, Selling, Promotion, Pricing, Marketing Information, Marketing, Product Planning, Purchasing, Trade Associations/Professional Association.
  • Farese, Kimball, Woloszyk, MARKETING ESSENTIALS 2nd edition, Glencoe, 1997.
  • Turner and Bottoms, MARKETING IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, South-Western Educ Pub., 1995.
    Mariotti, Towle, HOW TO START AND OPERATE A SMALL BUSINESS-A GUIDE FOR THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR, 3rd edition, National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Software for Computer Applications and Electronic Publishing:

  • Microsoft Office Pro ’97, Microsoft Publisher 98, Microsoft Pagemaker 6.5, Microsoft FrontPage 98.
    Photo Shop 5, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Easy CD Creator Deluxe, Adaptec, Midi Soft Recording Studio, Microsoft Works 4.5, Microsoft NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 98.

Street Law:

  • Arbetman and O’Brien, STREET LAW: A COURSE IN PRACTICAL LAW, West Educational Pub., 1994.

Travel and Tourism:

  • Howell, PASSPORT-AN INTRODUCTION TO THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM INDUSTRY, South-Western Educational Publishing, 1993.

Family Life and Consumer Sciences

  • Gentzler, Louise and Yvonne, BUILDING LIFE SKILLS, Goodheart-Wilcox Publishing, 1999.
  • Ryan, Joan, MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES, South-Western Educ Pub, 1997.
  • Merki and others, HEALTH-A GUIDE TO WELLNESS, 6th., Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Pub, 1999.
  • Brisbane, Holly, THE DEVELOPING CHILD, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2000.
  • Kowtaluk, Helen, FOOD FOR TODAY, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2000.
  • Sasse, Connie, FAMILIES TODAY, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1998.
  • Sherwood, Ruth, HOMES: TODAY AND TOMORROW, 5th., Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1997.
  • Herr, Judy, WORKING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN, Goodheart-Wilcox Pub., 1998.
  • Largen, Velda, GUIDE TO GOOD FOOD, Goodheart-Wilcox Publishing, 1998.
  • CULTUREGRAMS, VOLUMES I AND II, Brigham Young University, annual update.
  • Mehas and Rodgers, FOOD SCIENCE/THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF FOOD AND NUTRITION, 3rd edition, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Pub., 1997.
  • PROSTART, The Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Assn., 1998.

Health Education

  • HEALTH: A GUIDE TO WELLNESS, Glencoe 2001.
  • F.L.A.S.H. : Family Life and Sexual Health, King County Dept. of Health. 

Physical Education

  • Five For Life, Focused Fitness (grades 9-1, adoption year 2008)

Technical Education and Trades

  • Smith, Lentz and Mikos, AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER, SIGNING NATURALLY Levels 1 and 2, Dawn Sign Press, 1988.
  • Parker, Rick, AQUACULTURE SCIENCE, Delmar Publishers, 1995.
  • Duffy, James, MODERN AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Goodheart-Wilcox, 1998.
  • Wagner and others, MODERN CARPENTRY. Goodheart-Wilcox, 1996.
  • AUTO CAD-LTD and AUTODESK, Robert McNeel and Associates, 1997.
  • French and others, MECHANICAL DRAWING, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1997.
  • Stanaway, Jim, A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS, National Textbook Co, 1998.
  • Prust, Z.A., GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS, Goodheart-Wilcox, 1999.
  • LaCour and Lathrop, PHOTO TECHNOLOGY, Goodheart-Wilcox, 1922.
  • Reiley, Edwards, INTRODUCTORY HORTICULTURE, Delmar Publishers, 1998.
  • Inciardi, James, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Harcourt Brace School Publishers, 1996.
  • Arbetman, Lee, STREET LAW, South-Western Educational Publishing, 1999.
  • PRACTICE, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1994.
    PRINCIPLES OF TECHNOLOGY, Center for Occupational Research and Development, 1993.
  • Keith and Krause, RADIO STATION, 4th edition, Focal Press, 1996.
  • Bielak, Mark, TELEVISION PRODUCTION TODAY, National Textbook Company, 1996.
  • Wagner, Willis, MODERN WOODWORKING, Goodheart Wilcox, 1996.

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