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Family Support Program

Family Support Workers at Seattle Schools

The Seattle Public Schools Family Support Program is committed to reducing barriers to academic success by linking students and their families with needed community resources. Our mission is to inspire and motivate Seattle Public School children to succeed academically socially and emotionally.

The Family Support Program leverages family engagement and support to increase student achievement, sense of belonging and improve graduation rates by partnering with school staff and community organizations for the success of students on issues related to reading achievement and attendance.

Family Involvement

We Involve Families in their Child’s Education by:

  • working together with school staff, parents and community members to improve students’ academic achievement
  • assisting families with accessing culturally appropriate school and community resources
  • making home visits to discuss the child’s social, emotional and academic progress
  • providing support for referrals to medical, social/emotional counseling, tutoring, mentoring and other services
  • helping to coordinate family, school and community events

Preparing Student for Success

We Prepare Students for Academic and Social Emotional Success by:

  • collaborating with school staff to ensure academic and social emotional success for all children
  • working with students and families to support attendance
  • providing basic need support
  • providing case management and wrap around service delivery between student, family, school staff, and community organizations.
  • assisting the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) team with coordination of services supporting the student/family

Sharing Community Resources

We Connect Families with Community Resources by:

  • providing access to basic needs supports such as food, clothing, housing resources, utilities assistance
  • assisting families in accessing counseling and health support services (medical, dental, vision care, etc.)
  • providing access to tutoring, mentoring and after school programs
  • connecting non-English speaking families with translators and interpreters
  • providing families with information about educational, vocational, and employment  opportunities
  • coordinating relief efforts for students and families in crisis situations

For more information about the Family Support Program please call 206-252-0950.

School contact information is available in our Seattle Public School Directory .