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Family Partnerships and Engagement

Facilitating Family Engagement

Facilitating Family Engagement through Capacity Building 

As a capacity building department, we support the district, schools, and community organizations to effectively build strong family partnerships and advocacy to improve student success and school culture through coaching, consulting, and professional development

We support school-based groups focused on designing, implementing, and maintaining family engagement in their school communities, as well as programming across the district that builds capacity for authentic partnerships. Check out the opportunities to engage with your school and district below, and please reach out to with any questions!  

Building Family Capacity: Family Connectors University (FCU)

“…the conversations about self-care, supporting our kids’ social emotional growth, dealing with “big feelings” and recommendations on supporting reading and math were fantastic.” – FCU Parent Alum

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) families are invited to join North Seattle College’s Family Connectors University (FCU) class, a family-focused online course designed to help parents support their child’s learning and growth.  

In partnership with North Seattle College and SPS’ Family Partnerships Department, the 10-week series includes topics such as:

  • Helping your child with learning
  • Social Emotional Learning ideas for home
  • Becoming a supportive partner at your school
  • Helping your child with ‘big emotions’
  • Supporting your child with reading and math
  • Talking to kids about race, racism, and antiracist actions

Families can attend this course in real-time or asynchronously at a time that works for them. Please find specifics for the course content

Please email Family Partnerships Coordinator, Asosa Sailiai to enroll or find out more information:

Family Engagement Action Teams (FEATs)

Family Engagement Action Teams (FEATs) are composed of families, principals, vice principals, teachers, support staff, and community members. Seattle Public Schools understands that school-family partnerships are vital for student academic achievement and successful partnership model requires a deep understanding of each school’s unique needs, knowledge of national best practices, intentional planning, and a district-wide commitment to change. Check with your school if they have an active FEAT team, and if you are interested in creating one, please email our Family Partnerships department at

Racial Equity Teams (RETs)

The goal of the implementation of Racial Equity Teams (RETs), led by the office of SPS’ Department of Racial Equity Advancement (DREA), is to support a school-led effort to create a strong, sustainable and effective Racial Equity Team to advance racial equity by:

  1. Aligning with District-wide efforts to implementing the Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity Policy to eliminate racial disproportionality in graduation and discipline rates
  2. Building capacity among principal, teachers, staff, and students in transforming school policies and practices
  3. Strengthening the voices and participation of students, families and community to inform school policies, practices and procedures

Check out the DREA webpage to learn more, including if your school is one of the 21 currently active RETs!

Building Leadership Teams (BLTs)

BLTs are school-based teams comprised of teachers, support staff, families, and school leaders that together work collaboratively to make decisions about school-based functions. Decision-making through an equity lens focuses on budget development, professional development, and Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIPs). This is a critical space for families to use their knowledge and expertise to inform critical decisions about resources for for their schools. If interested in joining your school’s BLT, please reach out to your Administrator or Front Office Staff for more information.

Parent, Teacher, Student Associations (PTSAs)

PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Seattle Council PTSA (SCPTSA) represents over 80 PTAs and PTSAs in SPS. Centering the voices of those furthest from educational justice, they support, inform, and advocate for and with school communities all over Seattle. Advocacy is at the heart of PTA. SCPTSA organizes and empowers local leaders to come together for our students.

Join your local PTA by checking if one current exists in your school community, and receive action alerts to learn more!