Facility Operations

Self Help Projects

About the Self Help Projects Program

The Self Help Projects Program is part of the Facilities Department. The Self Help Program is responsible for coordinating the review, approval, tracking and oversight of all Self Help and Grounds Stewardship Projects.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Seattle Public Schools!

What is a Self Help Project?

A Self Help Project is any project to improve our school buildings or grounds. Self Help projects may be initiated and implemented by any individual or group other than Seattle Public Schools’ Facilities, Capital or Technology departments staff.

Some examples of Self Help Projects are:

  • Grounds stewardship and landscape renovation
  • School playground improvements
  • Creating a mural or mosaic
  • Developing or enhancing a school garden
  • Community volunteer service day

If you have an idea that’s not listed, check with us to see if it falls under Self Help Projects review.

All Self Help projects require prior approval by the Seattle Public Schools Self Help Review Team to ensure that each project is:

  • Appropriate for our buildings and grounds
  • Complements school programming
  • Compliant with School Board policies
  • Completed to District standards
  • Provides a record

Announcements for Self Help Volunteers

Currently only outdoor-based volunteer projects are permitted. Volunteers must have:

You’ve got a great project in mind? Wonderful!

Complete a Self Help Project or Grounds Stewardship form. We’ll review your project and get back to you with conditions of approval.

Questions? Reach out to SelfHelpProjects@seattleschools.org