Seattle Public Schools

Department of Racial Equity Advancement

Equity and Race Advisory Committee

Join the Equity and Race Advisory Committee  

Are you interested in furthering racial equity within Seattle Public Schools? We are looking for diverse, equity centered community members to join ERAC. 

ERAC meets virtually once a month on the second Monday from 5-6:30 p.m.. Members discuss current issues within SPS, review data, and make recommendations to the Superintendent.  

Goals and Purpose

The Equity and Race Advisory Committee (ERAC) began in 2011 in partnership with the superintendent, school board, and district leadership, with the goal of ensuring educational and racial equity across the district.

Goals for this Advisory Committee:  

  • Represent diverse voices and perspectives across the education system and community on equity and race,  
  • Address authentic concerns with the current system and recognized disproportionality in education and in all aspects of its administration,  
  • Collaborate with district leaders to finalize the Ensuring Educational and Race Equity District Plan as well as making thoughtful and timely policy, procedures, and school support recommendations for change for the 2023-24 school year and  
  • Work with the district to ensure effective implementation of the Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity Policy as well as Committee recommendations, as appropriate.  

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to:  

  • Make recommendations to the superintendent for changes to district policies and procedures related to equity practices and systems;  
  • Monitor progress and outcomes of recommendations implemented; and,  
  • Serve as a two-way conduit of information to SPS diverse families and community members. We also ask that its members also serve as family and community connectors to the public, communicating the committee’s recommendations and progress.  

Application and Deadline

This committee has a rolling deadline for applications. Consider applying today!