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    Student Username, Password and Portal Login Information

    New SPS Students

    If you have never logged onto the SPS Student Portal, need your username, or a password reset, please contact a teacher or the school librarian.

    All SPS Students

    Your username is located on your parent or guardian's Source account, near your photo. All student usernames begin with 1.

    • Example: 1jrsmith.

    Some students will have numbers at the end of their username to ensure each SPS student has a unique username.

    • Example: 1jrsmith2

    Student Portal (Clever)

    Log in to the Student Portal (Clever)

    • When logging onto the Student Portal, students include after their username


    Log in to the Source

    • When logging onto the Source, students only enter the beginning of their username

      Default Passwords

      If this is your first time logging in, contact your school for your default password.  After entering your username and default password, you will get a prompt to create a new password:
      • At least 7 characters long for grades 5-12
      • At least 4 characters long for grades K-4

      If you need help, please contact your teacher or school librarian.

      If you forget your password:

      • If you forgot your current password but remember the previous password, you may be able to reset it by visiting
      •  If you do not remember any previous passwords, please ask your teacher or school librarian to help you.  If your teacher or librarian provides a temporary password, follow these steps to set up a new password.

      Using a personal device:

      To access the Student Portal, students will be logging in with Microsoft 365. If you share a computer with your family, please make sure you use different browsers. For example, if one person uses Chrome, have the person use Firefox. Also, students should NOT use the Schoology APP, ALWAYS use the Student Portal to log in.

      YouTube Video, "How to Log in to the Student Portal (Clever) and Schoology"

      How Students Access SPS Online Resources including Schoology

      Step-by-Step Student Portal Login Instructions
      1. Open an internet browser and go to:
      2. Click Student and Family Portals.
      3. Scroll down and click Clever.
      4. Click Log in with Active Directory.
      5. Enter your full username (example: and click Next.
      6. Enter your password and click Sign In.
      7. You are now in the Student Portal! Select the applications that are available for you to use.
        NOTE: To log onto the Source, enter your username without and your password: Example: 1jrsmith2

      Additional Resources


      The Pearson resource is not on the Student Portal, please contact your teacher for more information.

      Students who need help with their SPS laptop or iPad at home

      To log on to student laptops, students enter their SPS username Example: 1jrsmith and password.
      If students are unable to log on or need assistance:

      1. By Phone: 206-252- 0100
        Supported Monday- Friday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. and if the line is busy you can leave a voice mail.
      2. By email:, monitored Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

      Student Email and Meeting Tools

      Student email addresses are the same format as their Student Portal username.

      Traveling internationally (taking a trip outside the U.S.)?

      If you will be traveling internationally during the school year and need access to SPS resources, please email our CyberSecurity Team prior to your departure to insure you will have uninterrupted access while traveling.

       To setup your password at school:

      1. Go to a student computer at school that is logged off.
      2. Hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys, then tap the Delete key.
      3. Enter the Student Username your teacher or librarian gave you in the
        Username field.
      4. Enter the default password your teacher or librarian gave you in the Password field.
      5. You will get a prompt that your password has expired and you need to create a new one. Enter and confirm a new password that is 7 or more characters.
      6. Once you have successfully created your new password and have logged onto the student computer, please try logging onto the Student Portal!