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The Source

The Source for Student Information

What is the Source?

Parent and guardian Source accounts display attendance, assessment scores, Elementary Progress Reports, Secondary Performance Reports, secondary student assignment scores, SchoolPay, Schoology Access Codes and other information.

  • Parents and guardians of students actively enrolled in SPS may set up an account.
  • Students actively enrolled in SPS will receive a username and password from their school. Students log onto the Source with their student account. If your student needs help, contact a teacher or the school librarian.
    REMINDER: Students log onto the Source with the beginning of their username, they do not include

Setup Your Parent or Guardian Source Account

Before you setup your account:

  • You must be on record as the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in SPS.
  • Your email address must be on record at each student’s school.
  • Confirm you provided the same email address for each SPS student in your family.

To setup your Parent or Guardian Source account:

  1. Visit the Source and select Sign Up!
  2. Type the email address on record in all lower case letters, then click Enter
  3. Check your email for a message from If you don’t receive this email:
    • Check your Spam or Trash folders.
    • Contact the school(s) to provide your email address.
  4. Open the email and click the link.
  5. Enter your Username (email address) and create a Password.
    • Please do not use an apostrophe ‘ in your password.
  6. Click Enter to begin exploring the Source!

The video below explains how to set up a Source and Schoology account:

How Students are linked to Parent and Guardian Accounts

Students are linked to your Source account by the email address on record at each student’s school. If you have a Source account, but a student is missing from it, please contact the school and update the email address. 

Approximately 30 minutes  after your email address is updated, clear the cache on your browser, close, reopen and log in. The student should appear on your account.

For assistance, please contact

To update your parent/guardian Source username:

Parent and guardian Source usernames are linked to the email address on record at each student’s school.  To change or update your email address, please contact the main office at each student’s school and provide the following information:

  • Your full name and relationship to the student
  • The email address you wish to use
  • Each student’s full name
  • Each student’s 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#

Allow 30 minutes for the change to sync with the Source, then set up your account with the new email address.

NOTE:  Students log onto the Source with their school assigned username.  If your student has forgotten their username, please have them speak with the school librarian or a teacher.

Elementary and Secondary Reports

Elementary Progress Reports and Secondary Performance Reports are found on parent/guardian Source accounts only. If you are logging in with your student’s school account that begins with 1 and ends with you will not see this information.

Log in and locate Elementary Progress Reports or Secondary Report Cards:

  1. Log onto the Source
  2. If you have more than one student, select the name of student under the Source logo at the top, left of the screen.
  3. Select the Elementary Progress Reports or Secondary Performance Reports link
  4. Click the PDF link to download and save.

If you have trouble, clear the cache on your browser, close and reopen TWICE and try again. Or try a different browser.

If you need assistance, contact

Log In to the Source

The Source Frequently Asked Questions

What do parents and guardians need to set up a Source account?

  • You must be the parent or guardian of a student actively enrolled in SPS.
  • Have the same valid email address on record at each student’s school.  Your email address will be your Source username.

What is my parent/guardian Source username?

Your Source username is the email address you provided for the school record.  If you do not remember, or have not provided an email address, contact the school so they may update the email address.  Please provide the same email address for each SPS student in your family.  Allow about 30 minutes for the change to sync with the Source.  Clear the cache on your browser, close your browser, reopen and set up your Source account with the new email address.

Is a student missing from your account?

If you have a Source account, but a student is missing, contact the school to update the email address on the student’s school record.  Allow about 30 minutes for the change to sync with the Source.  Clear the cache on your browser, close your browser, reopen and log onto the Source.  The student will be on your account.

I forgot my username, password or need to change my password. What can I do?

Please visit our account recovery page.

Is there an APP to access the Source?

There is a PowerSchool mobile APP, but it does not include SPS customizations found on parent Source accounts including Assessment Scores, Report Cards and Progress Reports.  To see all features log into the Source. If you wish to use the APP, be aware, all notifications are all set to default on.
To manage your notifications on the PowerSchool APP:

  • Launch the PowerSchool APP
  • Click the More icon from the lower right
  • Click Account
  • To manage Push Notifications
    • Slide the button to the left to turn off Attendance and/or Grade Change notifications
  • To manage Email Notifications
    • If you have more than one child at SPS, select a student
    • Slide each button to the left to turn off the notification you do not wish to receive
    • Repeat for each student

I can log onto my parent/guardian account, but get an error when I try to reach some features:

In most cases, clearing the cache on your browser, closing and reopening TWICE  will resolve the problem. You can also try using a different browser.

Can I manage my password with Keychain Technology?

If you choose to use a Keychain to manage your Source password, at each log in, you may be asked if you would like to update the password.  In order to use the stored password, you must select not now SPS is unable to address problems parents and guardians may have with password storage software. 

Where can I find my student’s username?

Log onto your parent/guardian Source account.  Your student’s username will appear next to their photo at the top of your account. Visit the Source for student information.

Assignment details out of order?

When using an iPhone to view Source Grade Details, some users may notice assignments are out of order.  To resolve this, refresh the screen by clicking the curved arrow symbol at the top of the screen, near the URL.

Why are dots showing up in the password field of the source log on screen?

Typically, if you get the extra dots and cannot log on, it is because you have forgotten your password, have a stored password you have not updated, or someone else used your device and stored a password. Please try clearing your cache, delete the dots and type in your password. You may want to set your browser to not store passwords or try a different browser. 

Why do I receive a Security Violation or Unauthorized message/disabled accounts?

If you get a security violation or unauthorized message when trying to set up your Source account, it may be disabled.  If you get one of these messages when trying to set up your Source account, please do the following: 

I am Traveling internationally (taking a trip outside the U.S.) Why can’t I access The Source?

The Admissions Office has limited international network access for students to official school breaks, like mid-winter or spring break and only upon request. Otherwise, students are to follow the attendance policy for in-person learning.

If you would like to request international network access during an official school break, please submit your request to with your student’s name and the dates of school break.

Can the Source be translated?

The Source is part of PowerSchool, our Student Information System and does not have a translate feature at this time.  Source content should display in the language set on the browser. Grades, some assessment scores and attendance have been color coded.  Red in the grade field represents a failing grade, red in the attendance field represents too many unexcused absences. Visit our English Language Learners website.

During enrollment, where can I find my student’s school assignment?

The Assignment Lookup Tool is available during enrollment. If you need assistance, please contact Admissions at 206-252-0760 or customer service.

Need Help?

Please visit our Technical Tips page.

If after reviewing these resources, you still need assistance, email with the following information:

  • Brief description of the problem
  • Your full name and relationship to the student
  • Each student’s full name
  • Each student’s 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#
  • Each student’s school