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Featured Story

A  technological and strategic battle at the Houston World Championship for team XBOT

Franklin High School, Computer Science

As the semifinalist for our division, team XBOT was among the top 10% of the teams competing at the World Championship!  The techie gremlins attacked the robot three times, burning out the drive motors and motor controllers. It was no small feat for our students to replace the motors, the encoders, motor controllers and test the repair between matches. Our students are awesome, and they rose to the challenge. 

Team XBOT was selected by the 5th seed alliance to play in the division finals. team XBOT was tasked by the alliance captain CyberKnights team #4911 [our robotic friends] – King HS Shoreline WA to shut down the #1 shooting robot #1706 Rachet Rockets from Missouri. 

Team XBOT’s strategy of consistently climbing the monkey bars, swerve drive and then shooting was indeed the premier strategy to design, build and program the 2022 FRC robot. One point separated us from moving onto the division finals … Our semifinals were played against the #1 seed for our division. The cherry on the sundae was our defense against the #1 seed #1706 in the semifinals match. Team XBOT was known as the top defensive team and consistent monkey bar climber for our division.

Watch the semi-final match

Shoutout to Houston Franklin High School students:

  • Bill Giang – raspberry pi/LED programming, competition drive team
  • Joey Xu – electronics
  • Tasin Chowdhury [Omor Ibraham] = electronics
  • Alex Ridley – mechanical, competition drive team
  • Stanley Zhang – mechanical, scouting – data analytics
  • joined by GHS student Michael Freeman (robot driver, CAD, programming)

Clevelan High School students:

  • Helin Taskesen- programming, competition drive team,
  • Zeyuan Chen – raspberry pi/LED programming/scouting – data analytics

Franklin High School students who could not attend the event:

  • Eleanor Larson  – mechanical
  • Ava Rothmyer  – mechanical
  • Jeremy Huang – raspberry pi/LED programming
  • Jennifer Tran – team representative/Chairman’s Award


Operations Deadlines – Orders, Extra Time & Summer PD

CTE Operations, All CTE

As the weather gets warmer and the school year comes to an end, your CTE Operations Team wants to thank you for following the budget, ordering and travel processes. It has allowed our small team to meet your needs (especially the last few months). If you have budget you were planning to spend this year, here are some deadlines:

Purchases, Equipment or Software:

  • DEADLINE to submit supply orders (use CTE Order Form): Friday, June 24
  • DEADLINE for Open Purchase Orders:  Must use OPO and submit receipts by Thursday, August 18.

Work Orders for equipment moves, facility upgrades or maintenance:

  • Scheduling is already tight for this summer. If you have approved budget for Work Orders – submit Work Order Form: ASAP

Extra Time:

Summer Professional Development:

Save the date for August 29 to attend the All CTE Back to School CTE training. This will be an in-person training. More information will be coming out as to location, time etc. Clock hours will be provided and extra time for attendance.

The tentative agenda includes:

  • Sharing of CTE priorities around CTE Graduation Pathways
  • Share expectations around student leadership in CTE (POW)
  • Help identify teacher leaders and develop and implement a teacher leadership model which provides leadership training
  • Share PLC (red early release day) expectations
  • Hoping to have industry partners and CTSO reps in a vendor/booth event
  • Planning time to meet in school-based teams

Watch for a more detailed invite to come via email from the central CTE office.

Main contact: Maria Herrera-Lofton

Teacher Spotlights

2022 Winner Hull Award for Early Environmental Education

Ballard High School, Agriculture

India Carlson, Ballard High School CTE Horticulture teacher and Science Department Chair, has been nationally recognized by the Garden Club of America for her outstanding achievements furthering the early environmental education of children.

The Horticulture program at Ballard High School continues to grow and include projects such as a climate garden to monitor weather and its effect on plants, pollination studies, growing plants for use in food science and studying native plants. India is also working with other CTE Horticulture teachers across the district in a collaboration partnership with Seattle Farmer’s Markets Association through a grant to improve culturally appropriate food access throughout the city and connect high school students to Seattle markets.

ACE Mentor Award

Roosevelt High School, Engineering

Karl Ruff is one of six teachers to be awarded the 2022 Exemplary School Champions for ACE Mentor.  Angela Gottula, the Puget Sound Executive Director, stopped by Roosevelt and announced the award to me in front of Karl Ruff’s  first period students, which included a $200.00 gift card. The vice president of the ACE Executive Board stated that Karl has helped over 200 students gain opportunies to participate in ACE and learn about potential career paths in the building design and construction fields.

Student Spotlights

Student making a difference at local Seattle Cancer Health Disparities Conference

Rainer Beach High School, Health Science

Han To, A 9th grade Rainier Beach High School student from the Intro to Medical Careers course taught by teacher Morgan Flake volunteered  at the Cancer Health Disparities Conference in downtown Seattle.  This conference featured leaders across the spectrum of cancer care delivery. Factors leading to cancer health disparities and ways to overcome the impact of these factors to optimize outcomes of cancer patients was the focus of this conference.  Health disparities and equity is a unit of study in the semester long Intro to Medical Careers course.  Students begin to identify the disparities that exist and understand their impact.

Franklin High School HOSA students practice medical skills

Franklin High School, Health Science

Franklin High School HOSA advised by teacher Morgan Flake hosted guest presenter, Dr. Denise Yu of Kaiser Permanente.  Dr. Yu share suture techniques which students were then able to practice using basic supplies.  Students interested in Health care careers learn much through participation in HOSA and develop skills while in high school which provide them an advantage for future education or entry into the healthcare industry.

Museum of Flight Field Trip

Franklin High School, Computer Science

We had a great time. Highly recommend reading the book Skunkworks . The stealth planes were developed with $20M discretionary CIA/US department of defense funds. introduced in 1966 and retired in 1999. Public did not know of the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird”,  the long-range, high-altitude, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft for 10 years after it’s  introduction. If you are a photography nut it had 5″ film that shot panoramic 72 miles images.  The SR-71 flies at mach-3 at 85,000 feet. Built out of titanium (mainly from Russia…  shell companies to purchase the titanium).

Watch video on YouTube

A look at the SR=71 pilot Buz Carpenter. The SR-71 at the Museum of Flight is the only one that has a drone attached to the plane. The drone was launched by the SR-71 taking a deep dive to release the drone and not get hit by the drone. Advanced Engineering Student Senior Capstone Presentation

Roosevelt High School, Engineering

An evening in the end of May advanced students In Karl Ruff’s Engineering class presented their capstone project to the public in the Roosevelt Library. In attendance were parents and grandparents and members of the Roosevelt Engineering Vocational Advisory Committee.  I invited Gerry Pollet, who represents the 46th District.  He usually attends but had a conflict at the UW this year.

STEM, Computer Science, and Engineering Workbased Learning in Action

Franklin and Roosevelt High School

The Roosevelt High school project management class reestablished the relationship with the Puget Sound Chapter of Project Management International (PMI).  We now have a one-on-one mentor for each of the students studying Project Management.

The Franklin High School created Rube Goldberg contraptions that zig zagged across a vertical peg board, them zig zagged across the table, creating complex energy transfer that was fun to watch.

CTE Culinary Arts Workbased Learning in Action

Ingraham, Ballard and West Seattle High School, Family and Consumer Sciences (FACSE)

I want to celebrate how excited my students at Ingraham High school are about their final project. They were asked to design a bakery/ restaurant. Create a menu and cook items from that menu. I am so happy with the turn out and enthusiasm so far.

Ballard High School students completed a salad bar and Sourdough French Bread lab.  The students used their bread making skills to make the Sourdough French bread and their knife skills to prepare the items for the salad bar.

West Seattle Culinary Arts classes recently planned and made the desserts for a 200-person wedding. They had to have a client meeting with the bride/groom, create a dessert plan, make a dessert, go through dessert tasting with the bride/groom and then we mass produced the 3 winning desserts. Great example of work-based learning!

Ingraham High School Culinary students made a 3-tier cake for their final project, and it turned out amazing.

CTE Business and Marketing Workbased Learning in Action

Ingraham HS, Ballard HS, Roosevelt HS

As of September, Ingraham will have complete pathways in Business & Marketing as well as Computer Science.

Ballard High School students in James Verhaeghe program have passed 14 Unity Certified User (UCU) exams. 8 UCU: Programmer exams and 6 UCU: VR Developer exams! 6 are now certified users in the programming pathway, and two are halfway through, woot!

Three Roosevelt students are attending the ACAP Residency Week summer program and one of them is also attending the summer business institute at Seattle University.

CTE Health and Medical Workbased Learning in Action

Nathan Hale High School

Awesome student teams at Nathan Hale High school have drawn and colored full-size human body systems posters and illustrated instructions for taking blood pressure.

CTE Media Arts Workbased Learning in Action

West Seattle HS, Ballard HS, Nathan Hale HS, Garfield HS

  • Garfield High School Video Production has 4 NW Region NATAS (Emmy) Nominations
  • West Seattle Media Arts student made some wonderful presentations of student work for Graphic Design and Photography classes. Placing 7th in State for the Washington State High School Photography Competition
  • Every year two students at Ballard High School from our advanced Media Arts class produce all the spirit videos for the ASB and did a particularly excellent job this year.  In both our advanced and beginning classes, students made over 20 Public Service Announcements or Web videos for local orgs or small businesses.
  • Students at Nathan Hale learned File Management!  I know this sounds simple BUT – students are not taught file management in ANY of their non-CTE classes.  It is a NECESSARY skill, and my students are better off for having used File Management.

CTE Skilled Trades Workbased Learning in Action

West Seattle HS, Skills Center @ Rainier Beach

  • West Seattle High School has produced AMAZING projects the advanced woodshop class. Very creative and massively talented teacher and students.
  • The Skills Center Aerospace program has 3 students who applied and won summer internships with Boeing and 1 student is getting hired full time at Boeing after graduation!

CTE Education and Human Services Workbased Learning in Action

Chief Sealth High School

All Family Health and child Development students were certified in CPR.  12 child development students received STAR Basics and 10 received dual credits.

CTE Middle School STEM Workbased Learning in Action

Aki Kurose Middle School

We have so much to celebrate from this year. In my STEM Innovation Lab classes this year over 200 students got to experience the subjects of manufacturing, construction, engineering, 3D modeling and electricity in a shop environment, using tools and machines to design and build things. I am very grateful that our school and district supports this hands-on class.