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Career Connected Learning

XIP-eXploratory Internship Program

I (heart) XIP

Jobs and internships for high school students, specializing in students with disabilities

About XIP and Contact Teachers

Contact:  Get the contact information for the XIP teachers & which high schools each of them serve

Program:  About XIP, the eXploratory Internship Program

What is XIP Worksite Learning?

Students with IEPs have access to XIP, the eXploratory Internship Program. XIP teachers help students apply for/develop jobs and internships in the community. Students get coaching and help to support their IEP Transition Plans and earn high school credit toward graduation.

Students work or volunteer independently in the community (without school staff). The worksites relate to each student’s career path. Most students work or volunteer after school or on weekends. Sometimes students work or volunteer during the school day, or in the summer.

Who can do XIP Worksite Learning?

To qualify for XIP, students need to be age 16 or older. Students need to have passed a qualifying CTE (Career and Technical Education) class. Or, students may be currently taking a CTE class.

For XIP, students work or volunteer 180 hours in the semester (10-15 hours per week) at their worksite. The XIP teacher meets with the employer to create Learning Goals for the student at work. If a student has Extra Time Accommodations in the IEP, they might get more than one semester to finish 180 hours.

How does it work?

The XIP teacher checks in weekly with each student at school. The student does a career assignment every week, like a journal, skill tracker, career assessment or resume. If the student already has a job, it may qualify for XIP; contact your XIP teacher for more information. 

Some of our partnership sites where students have earned XIP credit:

  • Alki Bike and Board assembly and sales intern
  • All About Kids Infant and Childcare child care assistant
  • Asadero Ballard dishwasher
  • Associated Recreation Council school age counselor
  • Bangbar Thai hostess
  • C89.5 disc jockey
  • Cafe Flora steward and support staff
  • Camp Crockett dog wrangler
  • Camp Korey camp counselor
  • Capitol Cider dishwasher
  • Chevron cashier
  • Clear Sky Urban Native Education Alliance program co-coordinator
  • Coastline Burgers cook
  • Coldwell Banker marketing and research assistant
  • Commercial Filter office and warehouse assistant
  • DO-IT intern
  • Ezell’s Chicken cashier
  • Freedom Schools WA-BLOC junior educator
  • Garden House Playschool teacher assistant
  • Hiawatha Community Center school age counselor and student intern
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs crew member
  • Kathy’s Studio of Dance assistant teacher
  • KFC crew member
  • Kumon assistant
  • Luna Park Cafe dishwasher and prep cook
  • Macha Theatre Works production intern
  • Marshall’s sales associate
  • McDonald’s cashier, crew person and prep cook
  • Mercedes Benz of Seattle lot attendant
  • Observe Inc (CenturyLink Field) supervisor
  • Papa John’s Pizza cashier and pizza maker
  • Platform Inc marketing intern
  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen crew member
  • Rainier Beach Pool lifeguard
  • SAARS Super Saver Grocery courtesy clerk
  • Safari Play Place daycare worker
  • Safeway cashier and courtesy clerk
  • Seattle Aquarium Café, café worker
  • Seattle Bouldering Project youth instructor
  • Seattle Public Library student assistant
  • Seattle Seahawks stadium retail sales associate
  • Seattle Urban Artworks intern
  • Shiekh Shoes sales associate
  • Skate Church intern
  • Sound Theatre Company production assistant
  • Starbucks barista and clerk
  • Student Conservation Association crew member
  • Taco del Mar cashier and front-end server
  • Taco Time crew member
  • Target guest advocate
  • The Dish Café hostess
  • The Kenney Retirement Home server
  • The Lakeshore Retirement Home food server
  • The Salvation Army academic mentor
  • The Whale Trail volunteer
  • Trader Joe’s my first jobber
  • Tully’s Coffee barista
  • Wedgwood Swim Club instructor and office assistant
  • West Seattle Lawn and Garden groundskeeper
  • Westside Presbyterian assistant teacher
  • Woodland Park Zoo, Zoo Corps volunteer
  • WSHS Cheer manager
  • Yesler Community Center Green Team member
  • Young Shakespeare peer mentor
  • Youth Career Training Program assistant

XIP Mailroom

What is the Mailroom?

The XIP Mailroom is a student worksite at JSCEE, the Seattle School District office in SoDo. The Mailroom shifts are two hours long, overseen by the XIP Job Coach (Instructional Assistant).

Students typically use school transportation to get to the Mailroom and back to school. The AM (morning) crew sorts the district mail (envelopes, letters & packages), and the PM (afternoon) crew delivers the mail using carts in the JSCEE building. After finishing mail duties, the crews do other tasks at JSCEE like sorting, stapling, setting up conference rooms, cleaning tables, delivering supplies, etc.Students are expected to have excellent attendance, keep a professional attitude & appearance and participate fully in crew duties.

Every week there is a seminar (class) with the XIP Mailroom Teacher (Katherine Meyer) where we discuss important things like goals, career prep, workplace success, online safety and money management. Students also get a chance to create and present their professional portfolio and earn an IRC (Industry Recognized Credential).

Who Can Apply to the Mailroom?

To apply for the Mailroom for Fall 2021, students must:

  • Be at least 16 years old (by Sept 1st)
  • Have taken (or take during Fall 2021) Career Connections class at their high school
  • Have an IEP
  • Be best served in a group worksite situation (for students who are interested in this program, but are able to work completely independently, please email the Mailroom teacher at for other options)

Apply here


The XIP Mailroom is now part of a CTE Grad Pathway ( remember, access to the graduation CIA, Certificate of Academic Achievement ends with class of 2021these are the new grad pathways). Mailroom Pre-Requisite:Career Connections class (taught by your school’s CCLC) is now a prerequisite for XIP Mailroom. Students can take Career Connections class at their high school during the same semester they’re enrolled in the Mailroom.

After completing both Career Connections & XIP Mailroom (listed as Career Launch on your transcript), students can take XIP Worksite Learning, Career Connections 2, Skills Center or possibly an advanced CTE course to earn their 2.0 CTE credits needed for the CTE Grad Pathway. There are other SPS Grad Pathways, as well. See XIP Teacher & School Counselor for more info.

How to Apply?–Student
Next steps are for students to fill out the online Student Application, with the help of their Parent/Guardian and/or IEP Teacher/Case Manager. Then they can prepare for an interview & skills assessment with the XIP Mailroom teacher.

**Students should be ready to upload their Resume & Reference List at the end of the Student Application (from Naviance, from Career Connections class or a basic one that they created on their own).**

How to Apply?–Teacher Referral

After that, the IEP Teacher/Case Manager fills out the IEP Teacher/Case Manager Student Referral for XIP Mailroom, eX-PASS.

**The IEP Teacher/Case Manager should be prepared to upload the student’s current IEP, any BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) and any Health Care Plan for the student

XIP Mailroom Application Process:

  1. Student completes online Student Application Form (including uploading Resume & Reference List from Naviance, Career Connections class or a basic one they created on their own)
  2. IEP Teacher/Case Manager completes eX-PASS/Referral (including uploading current IEP, any BIP and any Health Plan)
  3. Student Interview & Skills Assessment with Mailroom Teacher (Katherine Meyer)
  4. Students chosen for AM & PM Mailroom crews
  5. Chosen students complete, with the help of their Parent/Guardian, official SPS CCL paperwork before Summer Break
  6. IEP Teacher/Case Manager registers student for Career Connections, if needed (student needs to have already passed or take concurrently Career Connections class with the XIP Mailroom)
  7. XIP Mailroom Teacher officially registers students for XIP Mailroom & arranges for Transportation

The XIP team hopes to fill Mailroom spots for Fall 2021 this spring Students who are chosen for the Mailroom will need to complete, with the help of their Parent/Guardian, official SPS CCL paperwork before Summer Break

Questions? More info?

Questions can be directed to Katherine Meyer, XIP Mailroom Teacher at or 206-252-0744

Find an internship and job

Internships and Jobs

Refer a Student to XIP

Tips Resume, Reference List and Interview


A resume is a piece of paper; a way to introduce yourself. You need one if you’re applying for a job or internship. A resume summarizes who you are and what you can do. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview for a job.

There are lots of good resources online for teens to write resumes. You can use those, and these guidelines below.

Resume-General Guidelines

Read the resume guidelines on the first page in the link above.

On the bottom of the first page, circle three Action Words that you can use on your resume.

As you read through the rest of the information below, you can fill out the second page to figure out how you will create your own resume.

You may choose to use an objective in your resume. An objective tells the reader about your goals and types of jobs and internships of interest to you.

Above are two pages with sample objectives that you could edit and use in your resume. Choose one that you like and edit it to fit your resume.

There are lots of different ways to format a resume. Links to two popular resume formats for teens are above: Chronological Resume and Skills Resume.

The Chronological Resume lists jobs, education and other information in order based on the year completed (from Google Docs Templates, serif).

The Skills Resume puts the focus on the individual’s skills, experience and abilities (from WorkSource).

Above are worksheet links so you can print the resume format that you like best. Then you can write in your information for your draft resume.

Finally, using all of your information from above, you can click on the link for your favorite resume and input YOUR info to create a fancy new resume of your own.


City of Seattle “Tips for Creating A Top-Notch Internship Resume”

Please email your new, updated resume to Katherine Meyer at

Reference List

1-A Reference List is a one-page sheet that goes along with your Resume (but is not part of your Resume). It provides a list of people  (3-5 people) who can speak about how terrific a worker and individual you are.

Please ask for permission of adults (not relatives) who’ve known you for at least a year if they are willing to be your reference, then create a list with their contact info. People to include may be former employers, teachers and school staff, colleagues, advisers, coaches, supervisors, family friends, mentors, etc.

2-Please watch this short video (3:16) called “Job Interview Tips (Part 9): Who You Can and Can’t Use As References” by snagajob.

3-Please ask three-five (3-5) individuals if they will be your reference, then create a Reference List. Be sure to title the page something like “References for (your name)”. Please Google “Good Reference List Samples” for examples, and be sure to include the same contact info for all of your references:


Title at XYZ Company,City State



Sample Reference List

4-Please email your Reference List to

Career Assessment

We’re going to be using the OPSI Career and College Readiness Website. This website is prepared by OSPI, the government agency that oversees K-12 education in Washington.

Please take the Career Quiz. The purpose of a Career Quiz is to find potential careers that fit your interests and skills.

By the way…If you have taken Career Quizzes in the past, feel free to email me those results. 

Here’s the Washington Career Bridge website

1-Please go to the website.

2-Please click TAKE A QUIZ so you can take the quiz.

3-When done with the quiz, please email me a screenshot of your quiz results at

Education & Employment Goals

Please summarize what you learned by writing new Education and Employment Goals for your Transition Plan. You can use the Career Bridge or other relevant website if you want more information about where to get post-high school education and/or training. 

Directions for the assignment: Please fill in the (blanks) below using your information, then email to

Education Goal

After leaving public school,(your name)will enroll at(name of specific education/training institution) [like WSU or South Seattle College or Duwamish Apprenticeship Center] to attend classes in the field of(name of degree or certificate program) [like Architecture or Nutrition or Real Estate or Cement Mason], to earn a(name of degree or certificate) [like four-year Bachelor of Arts degree, or two-year Associate of Science degree, or six-month Real Estate License, or 8,000-hour Journey Level Certificate].

{If you will get on-the-job training instead of attending post-high school education, please write that instead.}

Employment Goal

After leaving public school,(your name) will ultimately work(part time/full time) in a(competitive/supported) job in the field of(name of job/career/field you want to work in).


Please answer these questions in relation to an upcoming job interview that you might have.

Print out the job description from the company for the job. Use the info from the job description when answering the questions below.

Copy the questions below into a document, then type in your answers. Print two (2) copies and do mock (practice) interviews with at least three (3) different people.

Be sure to wear nice clothes to your interview, and take copies of your resume and reference list.

Please notify Katherine Meyer of jobs for which you’ve applied and also when you get an interview so she can help you prepare.

Please email your questions and answers to

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is your educational background and what are your education goals?
  3. What experiences do you have that would help you be a good fit for this job?
  4. What are your longer-term career goals?
  5. Why do you want to work for our company?
  6. What do you think it takes to be successful in this position?
  7. What would you say are your three greatest strengths?
  8. What is one of your challenges? (weaknesses)
  9. Tell me about a time when you were a member of a team.
  10. Give me an example of when you have been responsible for something and have been successful.
  11. Tell me about a time that you received great customer service.
  12. Tell me about a time that you received poor customer service.
  13. Describe a perfect day on the job.
  14. What is your availability? (which days and hours are you available to work)
  15. How many hours per week are you hoping to work?
  16. When could you start?
  17. What kind of wages are you expecting?
  18. Why should we hire you?
  19. Do you have any questions for me? (prepare at least two [2] questions to ask the interviewer) (you can Google questions to ask an interviewer if nothing comes to mind)

There are loads of resources online, get Googling! has some great articles for teen job searchers at has some nice videos for teen job searchers (especially the ones that are a few years old, with the orange backgrounds) at


Please complete these assignments and email to Please email or message via Remind with questions.

 Assignment #1-Career Assessment -See Career Assessment tab above for directions to this assignment 

 Assignment #2-Career Research Project – Directions for this assignment

Assignment #3-Career Goals -See Goals tab above for directions to this assignment 

Assignment #4-Resume -See Resume tab above for directions for this assignment 

Assignment #5-Reference List -See Reference List tab above for directions for this assignment 

Assignment #6-Job Application – Directions for this assignment

View a blank job application

Assignment #7-W4 and I9 – Directions for this assignment

View Form W4

View Form I9

Assignment #8-BU B-PASS – Directions for this assignment


Assignment #9-Final Reflection – Directions for this assignment