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Forms and Processes

Forms and Processes for PTSAs

Forms and Processes for PTSAs

We deeply value the support and partnership of our PTSAs. In many cases, PTSAs are using their own time and funds to provide much needed services and supports to our students.

We have created a set of resources for PTSAs in order to ensure that these services are being offered in compliance with SPS legal requirements. These documents are primarily for PTSAs that are paying enrichment providers for ongoing academic and enrichment opportunities before or after school. 

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Letter of Agreement for PTSA Programming If your PTSA is paying for enrichment services at the school, this agreement should be reviewed by you and the principal and then signed by a PTSA representative and kept on file by both the school and the PTSA. It lays out what you must require of your contracted enrichment providers in order to meet SPS legal requirements, and provides assurance to the school that you will do so. This includes things like background checks, insurance, and equitable access to programming.

PTSA Services Contract Sample This is a sample contract that you can use as a template with your enrichment providers. It is not required that you use this template, but it is a resource for you as you develop contracts with your paid enrichment providers; it includes all of the requirements laid out in the letter of agreement, and lists the attachments that you should collect from enrichment providers. If you typically include additional fields in your contracts, you are welcome to add those; this is just a model that provides language in compliance and alignment with our requirements at SPS.

Enrichment Guide from the Washington State PTA This document lays out best practices and requirements for enrichment providers who are contracting with PTSAs. It includes templates and tools that you can use in your own programs.

Background Checks

All paid and volunteer personnel of organizations that work directly with students must pass an annual criminal background screen. The WATCH (Washington State Patrol) background check is sufficient for individuals who meet both of the following requirements:

  • have contact with students and have resided in Washington State for more than three years
  • have contact with students with other unrelated (through family ties) adults present at all times.

WATCH screens are free for non-profit organizations. Partners must utilize their own WATCH account for individuals who provide services to SPS students.

A national background check is required for individuals who meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • have contact with students and have resided in Washington State for less than three years from the date the background check is performed
  • have contact with students without another unrelated (through family ties) adult present at all times.

The national background check is required once; in subsequent years, the WATCH screen is sufficient.

Partners may utilize SPS’ national background check vendor, Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers), if they don’t have their own relationship with a background check vendor. The cost is generally $39.99, but can be more if you have lived out of state. Please go to the Background Check Page for additional information.

Partners must review criminal record reports of their paid and volunteer personnel, and have a policy for disqualifying offenses at least as rigorous as the policy used for SPS volunteers. For a basic understanding of disqualifying offenses, review this flowchart.

If you have questions or need additional information on whether an employee or volunteer can work with students, contact

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